An Indie Holiday Story: Margaret from Resurrection Fern


Margaret from Resurrection Fern (and on Etsy) shares her pretty & pretty clever frozen icicle doily snowflakes.  You can read about how to make them here, but this one is really only for people who live where the temps are at freezing or below.  It’s gotten cold enough here lately, but too bad it’s going back up to be in the 40s & 50s for Christmas day.

Margaret also shares her An Indie Holiday Story  with you.

Christmas is very handmade in my home. I think one of my very favorite holiday traditions is the dolls’ Christmas that we celebrate on Christmas Eve. I borrowed this from Tasha Tudor. On Christmas Eve we decorate a tiny tree and each of the children are allowed to invite one of their dolls or special stuffed animals to join in the celebration. They each receive tiny handmade stockings with doll sized treats and one or two small gifts under the tree. Usually, they are a new handmade outfit or knitted hats. The dolls and children then have a tea party with tiny party sandwiches , cookies and cupcakes.  My three daughters would almost always invite the dolls that I made for each of them but my son would bring a different stuffed animal to the party every year, from puppies to dinosaurs.