An Indie Holiday Story: Hannah from Made With Love by Hannah


Another An Indie Holiday Story . . . Hannah from Made With Love from Hannah shares how to make these cute felt and ricrack hearts. I think they would be so much fun on the tree!

Hannah also shares some of what makes Christmas special to her.

My favorite holiday tradition, which I haven’t done since I moved away from Boston, was making gingerbread and sugar cookies every year with my girlfriends and having so much fun decorating them. Now, maybe my favorite holiday tradition is when the Soy Nog hits the shelves!  Also, the best toy I ever got as a kid was a giant stuffed lion I called Leo (so original, I know!) I think I was about 5 when I got him and he was a big as me, so that was quite a thrill! Finally, my New Year’s resolution this year is to be more organized (again, so original!), especially in my workroom, it’s embarrassingly messy! I always have to make excuses for myself when someone comes over and sees it.