Studio Spaces: a peek at some workspaces

I asked the Indie Fixx Holiday Galleria participants to send me pics of their studios/workspaces. I am fascinated by other people’s spaces. I know that is one of the reasons I like to read design*sponge so much, especially her sneak peeks. It’s part voyeur, part design interest & another part living vicariously. But, I am really more interested in seeing the spaces where people work. So, here’s some  a few interesting workspaces for you.


Alison Broekhoven of Lemon Grove sent me these images of her bead collection, which it looks like she keeps in an old typesetter’s chest. So pretty and colorful, I love the ingenious ways people store their supplies. Alison makes some really visually stunning beaded jewelry with those supplies…I especially like the tube necklaces a lot.




Terry Graziano takes a modern approach to a traditional art form, millinery, and makes some of the most amazing hats. Terry’s workspace is both inspiring and just cluttered enough to let you know that some real work is being done in the space.  I like her wall decals, her sassy sign & the boxes & boxes of hats!  I also really like Terry’s hats and even though I am not generally a hat person, I’ve been thinking about getting either a Fedorable or the Incognito style.




Laura McConnell’s (of Dog Bone Art) space is so cute and super neat.  I only wish all my stuff could have a home like in Laura’s workspace! Laura creates screenprinted tees, plush, totes & more and I’m quite sure that her screenprinting work in done someplace else. 😉 I’m really not surprised that Laura’s office is so cute, since her goods are so cute. I love Joe Penguin w/ Scarf, the Pirate CupcakeTote Bag & the Nervous Robot Scarf.