12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2008: Imogene

Today’s 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping’ featured shop is  Imogene.

Annie Chau is the designer behind Imogene, which is a very lovely line of jewelry. Annie is really a superb metalsmith and is definitely one of my favorites.  In fact, one of my most prized possessions  (until I lost it) was my fox necklace from Imogene.

In a world that one can very clearly say is over-saturated with jewelry designers, Annie’s designs really stand out. Just when you think you have her work pegged, she comes up with something new, but that something new is stamped with the je ne sais quoi of the Imogene line.

Gift suggestions from Imogene include: the Holiday Collection, the whale hoops & this adorable Bunny Necklace. You can shop via the Imogene website and at the Imogene Etsy shop.  I suggest you visit both as there’s different stuff both places.

Plus, use the code HANDMADE2008 for 15% off your order. If using Etsy just type it in the “notes to seller” for a refund, and if you shop via the Imogene webstore, then type it at checkout for an immediate discount. The code expires December 5th.

Before you head off shopping though, make sure to enter to win a Carrot and  a Hare necklace from Imogene.

To win: Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Imogene designs.  Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a separate comment for each entry. This will increase your chances for winning!

I will choose one random commenter to win the prize. This contest will end Wednesday, December 4th at 6pm EST.

THE ENTRY PERIOD FOR THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED! Stay tuned for the winner. Click here to enter the current ‘12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping’ Contest.


115 thoughts on “12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2008: Imogene

  1. The carrot and hare necklace is so unique. You see hearts, flowers, and swirls all the time, but a carrot and hare are a pleasant surprise!

  2. The seahorse necklace is my personal favorite. So cute and reminds me of being on a relaxing vacation.

  3. My sister would love the bird necklace. She has always liked larger statement jewelry, just like this!

  4. A necklace that I think is really exquisite is the “Dark Ferns” OOAK
    Necklace. It is stunning. Thanks, Cindi

  5. Hello! The “Silver Branch Earrings” are very pretty and a symbol of nature. I like them a lot. Cindi

  6. wow those pieces are really beautiful. I love the marine-themed ones, especially the seahorse necklace and whale ring

  7. One of my favorite designs is the
    “Sweet Heart” Necklace. I think it is lovely and I like the meaning behind it!” Thanks, Cindi

  8. i know a lot of horse lovers who would die for the Pony necklace. I love how there’s such a bright colour added – it really highlights the metallic.

  9. The Pretty in pink flower necklace is very sweet. I just love the Imogene designs. I’ve been looking longingly at them at various craft fairs.

  10. For those more delicate days, I would definately want to be wearing the insect wing necklace – i would feel as if i could fly away at any moment!

  11. The Scallop Series 1 Earrings would also suit me – I’ve got so many things to add to my christmas list now!!

  12. What fun designs! I really love the “At Sea” necklace it reminds me of well written children’s stories that you still want to read when you’ve grown up.

  13. Dark Ferns really stands out for the amazing hand-formed chain- I wish I knew how to do work like that. Heck, I wish I knew how to work with metal at all. I’ve never quite grasped how to get started on that one.

  14. I’m quite a fan of the “at sea” necklace. It’s hard to describe what’s so evocative about it; the frame gives it a quaint, almost antique sense and recalls the stylings of the days of whaling. The whale, however, is happily swimming out of said frame, unharmed and whimsical.

  15. I love anything to do with Moose. The
    Holiday Limited Edition of Moose” necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry on her site! Cindi

  16. The “Holiday Limited Edition Reversible
    Snowflake” Necklace is gorgeous. I like how you can wear it two ways. Cindi

  17. Hi, She has a wonderful site of jewelry creations. I like the “Holiday Limited Edition Peace Dove” Necklace! Thanks for the chance to win a lovely necklace. Cindi

  18. I have long coveted the Marigold necklace. I may have to treat myself to this after the holidays are over.

  19. Annie is really sweet and her work is wonderful. I have many favorites from her shop. My first favorite is Rachel’s Necklace!

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