12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2008: Ink + Wit




Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that I am a big Ink + Wit fan, and in keeping with my goal to share my favorites with you for  ‘12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping’ I am so happy to share Ink + Wit with you today.

Ink + Wit is the line of paper goods, art & home goods from Tara Hogan.  You can choose from letterpressed, silkscreened or offset printed goods all featuring Tara’s wonderful designs and illustrations. I’m personally enamored with Tara’s prints and I own many. I have a complete set of her Aesop’s Fables series (it’s an older series, but you can still see the Tortoise and Hare here) and I also own the Pommebirds among others.

Whether you have an art lover (like me) or paper fiend on your holiday list, you can’t go wrong with Ink + Wit!  Good gift ideas include: the 2009 Letterpress Calendar (a collaboration with Pistachio Press), the Owls or Utensils Tea Towels or Wall Hangings, Everything Counts poster & more.

You can shop at for Ink +Wit goods at inkandwit.com and in the Etsy shop.

Before you head off to Ink + Wit though,  make sure to enter to win one of Tara’s A-Z Animal Posters and an Elephant Postcard set.

To win: Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Ink + Wit goodies.  Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a separate comment for each entry. This will increase your chances for winning!

I will choose one random commenter to win the prize. This contest will end Wednesday, December 3rd at 5pm EST.

THE ENTRY PERIOD FOR THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED! Stay tuned for the winner. Click here to enter the current ‘12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping’ Contest.


62 thoughts on “12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2008: Ink + Wit

  1. “Thanks for being so dear letterpress notecard flats with envelopes” -absolutely wonderful, very cute.

  2. Ink & Wit is wonderful because they use recycled paper & soy ink! Whats better than that! I really like the posters! They are lovely to display & make me happy!


  3. My all-time favorite is actually the A-Z Animal Poster, followed closely by the Deer and Birch print (now sadly sold out). Thanks for the contest! I’d love to win one of these to hang in my new studio. 🙂

  4. I’m loving the Birch Trees Mini Notes set – I have to admit though, they’re so cute I wouldn’t be able to use them to write an everyday to-do list. It would have to be something special, like a thank you note to a friend or a love note.

  5. I loooove their number poster. (and their tea towels, the alphabet poster, the doves with the black and yellow lattice pattern. . . .)Do I have to choose one?

  6. the woodstock farm animal sanctuary poster is super cool! it reminds me of the bremin town musicians 🙂

  7. I love elephants!!! so my favorite goodies from Ink & Wit would have to be the lovely elephant poster print & the postcard!!! & then to my lovely surprise I see my two favorite items are the two giveaways! bestill my heart <3!!!

  8. I just found out my brother and his wife are expecting their first child. My sister in law is an Etsy-loving lady like me so I’m sure she’d love this poster. Can I say the poster is my favourite thing? Well, I just did.

  9. I love the letter press calender. letter press calenders are great because you can use them and then frame them as art!

  10. Ooh, the everything counts poster is sweet too. Like so many other things in my life, I’d put it in a baby’s room if I had one to decorate!

  11. I collect linens and kitchen towels are a favorite of mine! Their “Owls Linen Tea Towel” is really cute. Thanks, Cindi

  12. My friend love Hummingbirds. The “Hummingbird Limited Edition Print” would be a delightful gift for her. Cindi

  13. I use postcards for communicating with friends and family quite a bit! The
    “Thanks for Being so Deer” Letterpress
    Notecards are very nice. Thanks, Cindi

  14. The “Letterpress Calendar” would look great hanging by my office desk! Thanks for a delightful giveaway drawing.

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