Tuesday Tutorial: Make Christmas Tree Ornaments from All Those Cork Wine Stoppers You’ve Been Collecting


Cat of Uncorked makes stuff from cork. Cool stuff, like: cork pushpins, cork necklaces, cork bracelets and not to mention corkboards.  The cork that Cat uses is both re-purposed and obtained from sustainably managed forests in Portugal and Spain. Cork is such a great material on so many different levels.

Personally, I have my own growing collection of wine bottle corks that I just can’t throw away, but what in the hell to do with them…Well, Cat put together a little tutorial for making Christmas tree ornaments from all those leftover bottle toppers. I am definitely all about the homemade tree, so I wanted to share this for Tutorial Tuesday. What do you think? If you make some, add your pics to the Indie Fixx Tutorial Tuesday Flickr Pool!


How to Make Cork Stopper Christmas Tree Ornaments (from Cat of Uncorked)


Corks, buttons, glue, pleather cording, eyehooks, slip rings and some cute Christmas-y things to hang from your corks.

  1. Start with a button that is about the size of your cork or a bit larger and thread it with a strand of pleather from the bottom up.
  2. Stack on a few more buttons and tie it off. Give your pleather a few more inches for hanging and trim.
  3. Using a pair of sharp little scissors dig a little hole in the top of your cork so your bottom button sits flat.
  4. Glue the button to the cork and let this set.
  5. Twist an eyehook into the bottom of your cork and add a slip ring.
  6. Now you are ready to add any cute little Christmas-y things you can think of to dangle from your corks.


Here’s some of the Cat’s Uncorked goodies.  Also, be sure to check out her sister shop devoted to the magnet called Polarity.



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