Mi likes some mi SPA: win a custom gift set from mi SPA!


I’ve got another weekly contest for you. Periodically on Indie Fixx, I invite an indie shop that I admire to participate in a feature and weekly giveaway.  In September, I gave away a $40 gift certificate to Harrilu, a stone&honey necklace and a Freshie & Zero bracelet. This week, I’ve invited mi SPA to sponsor a contest!

mi SPA is an Asian-inspired line of bath & body goodies including over 40 luxurious products. Committed to using natural ingredients, mi SPA blends the finest essential oils, exotic butters, aromatic fragrances & natural herbs with rice bran oil & other rice extracts to indulge skin in pure bliss. Yum, sounds wonderfully decadent!

You could win your own mi SPA goodies by creating your ‘Custom Gift Set’ including the new Mi Body Butter, which is made with Shea Butter, Aloe Gel, and Rice Bran Oil.


Leave a comment on this post with the products you would like in your ‘mi SPA Custom Gift Set’ including your choice of scent of the Mi Body Butter. The value of your dream gift set should be around $40.  At the contest end, I will choose one random commenter to win and the prize will consist of the gift set they compiled (limited to a value of around $40).

I’ll get you started, here’s my mi SPA dream gift set: Mi Body Butter in Brown Sugar & Spice,  Osmanthus soap and the Balancing Botanical Mist for the face.

The contest will end Friday, November 7th at 11 pm EST.



  1. I would choose: mi body butter – unscented; the Lemon Litsea Soap and the Kauai Ginger Lily Soap. They all look wonderful!!

  2. ooh la la! i would definetly choose the body butter in JUK, the forest soap, the charcoal soap, and a milk bomb in sake. which would be 40.78 This was an amazing idea!

  3. There are so many items that I like that it is hard for me to just choose a few for a dream set. However, my dream set would include the MI BODY BUTTER in the Mango Ice Tea scent, the Soap in the Chocolate Truffles scent, the glow-mi-body bonbons and the Brown Sugar & Spice Soap. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  4. Body Butter “Peony Blossoms”
    Lip balm “Asian Pear”
    Dry Perfume Roll-on trial sizes “Asian Pear” x 2 and “Peony Blossoms”

  5. I love this contest because I’m addicted to bath products! My dream set would be:
    Body Butter in Brown Sugar
    4oz Tin Candle in Sake
    Perfume Roll-On Trial in Persimmon
    Whipped Shea Butter in Green Tea

  6. Well,there are so many posts here,it seem its all been said.As for me,a little of this and that would be very nice.My pick for a Body Butter scent would be yuzu.(I’ve heard it’s like an oriental citrus.)A few soaps are always a treat.The Chocolate Truffles and Kauai Ginger Lily sound lovely.I’m a lip balm freak,so one in Asian Pear would be welcome and(I haven’t totaled this)maybe the $15.00 sampler kit.Any combo of any of these products I’m sure would be heavenly.Too long a post I know!Thanks,Melanie B.

  7. Love Mi Spa products. I would love to try the Peony Blossoms Body Butter. Thank-you.

  8. My dream set would be made up of the following:

    Mi Body Butter in Lemon Sugar

    Beauty Mi Moisturizing Oil

    Repair-mi-Hair Treatment Oil!

    This giveaway is fabulous! Thanks for allowing the entries!

  9. I’d have to go with the brown sugar and spice body butter, the Beauty Mi face soap, and the conditioning hair rinse in sweet orange. Love this give away!!

  10. My gift set would include the brown sugar and spice MI body butter, the Asian pear soap and the beer shampoo (how fun!).

  11. These all look like amazing products. I’d love to try:

    Repair me hair treatment oil (10.80)
    shampoo mi bar (8.50)
    Bamboo charcoal soap (7.95)
    Lemon litsea soap (6.80)
    beer shampoo bar (8.50)

    The lemon sugar body butter sounds wonderful

  12. There are so many products to choose from and even the scents are hard to choose from. My ideal gift basket would consist of Yuzu mi lotion, a bar of rice soap that is lemon litsea and to finally top off the basket, I would love to try the 3 trial size of roll on perfumes in the scents of Asian Pear, Mango Ice Tea and Peony Blossoms.

  13. mi body butter in lemon sugar
    milk bombs in yuzu and sake
    Rice soap in Bamboo Charcoal
    Lemon Litsea Rice Soap

  14. The brown sugar & spice or the gardenia whipped body butter!!!!The Chamomile C-Milk sounds yummy and Id love to try any of the bath bombs. Too many wonderful choices

  15. My picks:
    Sugar Mochi Body Polish ($21) in ume,
    Gardenia Whipped Monoi Butter ($10.50), and glow-mi-body bonbons set of 3 ($8)

  16. Oooh, so many so wonderful things! Would love to take part! My ideal gift basket would contain the “Brown sugar and spice body butter”, “Chocolate truffels soap”, “tango mango lip balm” and “peach cobbler soap”.

  17. How thrilling to find such a wonderful new(to me) company!
    I would love to have the mi Sampler so I can try your wonderful products!and the mi Body Butter (Asian Pear sounds so nice) and a soy candle – thanks for being eco friendly!!

  18. 4 oz Shampoo-mi Bar $8.50
    4 oz Mango Iced Tea Soap $7.95
    4 oz Asian Pear Soap $7.95
    4 oz Osmanthus Soap $6
    2 oz Whipped Shea Butter in Green Tea $8.50

  19. Thank you for this great opportunity to try products that I have never used before. i would like The lemon Sugar body Butter, Lemon Litsea soap and the haie repair treatment. Good luck to all entreprenuers & Thanks again!

  20. Peach Cobbler soap
    Monoi Gardenia soap
    Dry Perfume Roll-on
    Repair-mi-Hair Treatment Oil
    100% Soy Candles in JUK.
    That would be gift set perfect for me. All kinds of different products and different scents. I sure would smell pretty.

  21. hard to pick, but i narrowed it down to body butter in lemon sugar,lemon litsea soap,& dry perfume roll on in osmanthus.

  22. Thank you! Mi Body Butter – Brown Sugar and Spice, Repair Mi Hair Treatment Oil, Natural Soap – Asian Pear. mi SPA, you are awesome!

  23. I would love to find from my mi SPA gift set:
    1. mi body butter Brown sugar and spice – $20.00
    2. mi sampler – $ 15.00 – to introduce these fabulous goodies to all of my girlfriends, who still are skeptic about ordering cosmetic from Internet and don’t know anything about mi SPA or other indie products.
    3. mi soap Osmanthus – $ 6.00
    Total: $ 61

  24. This would be my custom gift set:
    peony blossom body butter $20
    osmanthus rice soap $ 6
    Beauty-mi-Face Soap $ 8
    Osmanthus Dry Perfume Roll-on
    Trial Size $ 5

    total $39

  25. That was really fun picking out a fun gift basket! I choose the following:
    “Brown Sugar and Spice Bar Soap”, 4 oz.
    Tin Candle Brown Sugar and Spice”, “Beauty -mi-face Soap”, “Lip Balm Tango
    Mango” and “Shampoo-mi-Bar!” Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  26. Mi Body Butter sounds great in Sake!
    I enjoy trying new perfume oils and the Dry Perfume oil roll-ons sound great!! Mando Iced Tea sounds awesome. All of the Hair Care Products are perfect sounding especially the Repair-mi-Hair Treatment Oil:)

  27. Wow! Great prize! I love the Body Butter in Lychee.

    My custom set would comprise of Repair-mi-Hair Treatment Oil, Shampoo-mi Bar, Everyday Conditioner, Peach Cobbler Soap and Mango Ice Tea Soap! Lovely!

  28. These all sound lovely! I’d choose the Asian Pear scent for the Mi Body Butter and three bars of soap: Bamboo Charcoal, Yuzu, and Forest.

  29. Mi Body Butter in Peony Blossoms and soaps, Monoi Gardenia, Peach Cobbler and Kauai Ginger Lily — altho everything looks great!!

  30. The mango ice tea body butter is amazing sounding, also the sugar mochi body polish..yum..I love sugar scrub..amazing sounding products, thanks for the contest.

  31. This sounds awesome!

    If I could choose some nifty goodies they would be:

    mi body butter (green tea)
    Dry Perfume Roll-on Trial Size (Mango Ice Tea)
    Whipped Shea Butter
    Lip Balm (Asian Pear)

    Thanks, best of luck to all who enter!

  32. Ooooh! What fun! I would love the Sugar Machi Body Polish, the Chocolate Truffle Soap, and the Whipped Shea Butter.

    Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!

  33. There are some really great products! I would love to have the Mi Body Butter in Brown Sugar & Spice, Mango Ice Tea Mi Lotion, and the Green Tea Whipped Shea Butter!

  34. I would love the body butter in “Brown Sugar and Spice”, The Repair-mi-Hair treatment oil, and a 4 oz tin candle in “Sake.”

  35. I would include the mi Body Butter Mango Ice tea, the tango mango lip balm and the sweet orange conditioner.

  36. I would like the Sugar Mochi Body Polish in Peony Blossoms, Gardenia Whipped Monoi Butter, Brown Sugar & Spice Rice Soap, and Monoi Gardenia Rice Soap.

  37. This is a nice giveaway. All their products seem really great!

    I would love a custom gift Set made up of mi body butter SAKE, glow-mi-body bonbons 3, bamboo charcoal soap, and Asian pear lip balm.

  38. Great giveaway!

    I had a tough time deciding, but ultimately would have to go with Yuzu Rice Soap, Lemon Sugar Body Butter, and a 4oz. Tin Candle in Peony Blossoms. Yum!

  39. What fun dreaming…I would love the Mi Body Butter in Lemon sugar ($20), the Kauai Ginger Lily soap ($7.95), a Milk Bomb in Lemon Sugar ($4.88) and the Camomile C-Milk soap ($6.80), for a total of $39.63. Gorgeous! Thank you!

  40. I’d pick unscented Mi body butter ($20) (it’s not in the drop-down menu, but the description implies it’s an option), Beer Shampoo ($8.50), and Bamboo Charcoal soap ($7.95).

  41. Wow this sounds awesome!

    I would choose the Repair-mi-Hair Treatment Oil, the Sugar Mochi Body Polish in Sake and a Lemon Sugar and Yuzu Milk Bomb!!


  42. This stuff looks great! I like the body butter in Brown Sugar & Spice, the Introducing Mi Sampler and a Soy Candle in Peony Blossoms

  43. Cool stuff!

    My dream set would have:
    Chamomile C-Milk Rice soap
    Shampoo mi bar
    Lip Balm
    Mi body butter — lychee

  44. I would love to try this. I would like the Body Butter($20) Dry Perfume Roll On($14) Both in Asia Pear and the Soap in Peach Cobbler($6)What a lovely gift to indulge in right before Christmas!

  45. Wow, generosity strikes again! Dreamwise I would love some Yuzu dry perfume, mi body butter in Peony, Blossom and Osmanthus Soap.

  46. The ultimate gift set for me would include the Mango Iced Tea body butter, Introducing-mi Sampler, and a Milk Bomb.

  47. I would like the mi Body Butter in Asian Pear (mmmmm) and the soap also in Asian Pear and lip balms in Asian Pear and Tango Mango. What a lovely gift!

  48. I would love to try mi SPA’s Body Butter in Mango Ice Tea, Lychee perfume, Glow-mi-body BonBons, and Lychee mi Lotion.

    I have a lot of childhood memories about the smell and taste of lychee due to my maternal grandfather, so it was hard not to want lychee lotion, lychee body butter, lychee candles and lychee perfume.

  49. PICK ME!!

    My mi body dream gift set includes:

    Mi body butter in UME $20
    Cleanse-mi-Face Oil $12
    Shampoo-mi Bar $8.50

    For a total of $40.50


  50. Lychee scented Mi Body Butter,the Conditioning Hair rinse in Sweet Orange and Asian Pear lip balm. (a little over $40!)

  51. my mi basket wounld be entirely soaps! i LOVE handmade soaps! i would get: persimmon, lemon litsea, brown sugar and spice, chamomile c-milk & bamboo charcoal! mmm! hope i win!

  52. Wow – this is a very generous contest! I would love a custom gift set consisting of Mi Body Butter in Lychee, Conditioning Hair Rinse in Sweet Orange, and Lip Balm in Asian Pear.

  53. Thanks for giving us this chance.
    I would pick Chocolate Soap, Mango Tea Body Butter and the Balancing Botanical Mist.

  54. I would like to try…
    Bamboo Charcoal soap
    Sugar Mochi Body Polish
    and the Milk Bomb
    they all sound great

  55. I would love a gift set with the body butter in Lemon sugar, roll on perfume in the same scent, and bar soap in Lemon Litsea scent. If an additional item is kosher – I’d through in some Mi lotion in Green tea scent. Can you tell I like lemon though?

  56. My dream gift basket would include:
    Mi body butter in Yuzu; Glow-mi mini bonbons (3), Yuzu soap, and Beauty-mi face soap. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  57. Are you kidding me? I need a mini-spa makeover like nobody’s business. Lemon Sugar or Brown Sugar & Spice are my body butter preferences. Glow-mi-body bonbons, lip balm, and hair treatment oil would be my package choices. THanks!!

  58. I’d love to try the brown sugar and spice my body butter, the asian pear lip balm, and the introducing-me sampler… this is the first time I post on a goodie givaway but I’ve been receiving the indiefixx newsletter for a while now, I love the stuff you post and hope to try some of the gorgeous mi SPA products! Cheers (:

  59. There are so many delicious things on that site. I think my dream gift set would consist of Mango Ice Tea soap, Persimmon soap, and Lemon Sugar body butter.

  60. My dream Mi Spa gift set is:

    Brown Sugar & Spice Body Butter
    Chocolate Truffles rice soap
    Beauty-mi-Face Soap
    and Lip Balm

  61. oh, these are wonderful products! beautifully packaged. I think all the scents sound amazing. I’m sort of a mango girl, so that might be my first choice, but, really, they all sound special!

  62. Yum! The scents all sound so lucious. If I were to win, I would love the Mi Body Butter in Lemon Sugar, A Lemon Litsea Soap, A Lemon Sugar Bath Bomb,and a pack of Glow me body bon-bons.

    It was hard to choose!

  63. oooo this is exciting. I would like the body butter in mango iced tea, glow-mi-body bonbons 3 pack, and mi lotion in sugar and spice 🙂

  64. Mi-Spa Custom Gift Set : I love the Mi Spas Green Tea and Honey Soap Bar, Green Tea Body Butter, and the soy-based candles in chamomile, green tea and peony.

  65. Ooh, I love Mimie’s bath products! I’d like to try the Body Butter in Asian Pear, Mango Ice Tea soap and the Asian Pear soap! I bet these all smell and work nicely! thanks.

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