My trip to Philly: recap

So, I went to Philly on Friday and nothing turned out actually like I planned, but that’s okay, I still had fun.  First of all, we got to the Liberties Walk too early and nothing was really opened yet.  The only shops I really cared about visiting were the Delicious Boutique and Corseterie & Danni’s Boutique. Oh, and Brown Betty Desserts, which was open, but I just forgot to visit before I left for the day.  All an excuse to go back for another day in the city. 😉

Laura and I did end up at Art Star, which I hadn’t yet visited since in the new larger location.  Megan & Erin, the owners,  have such a great eye for all things indie and it’s always a real treat to visit & shop at Art Star.  They were working on putting the finishing touches on the Gallery for the new exhibition by artist Kathleen Lolley—just love her melancholy fairytale-esque point of view.

I ended up only buying one thing all day, some earrings at Art Star by the designer Jen Walrath, but here’s a few more things that I had my eye on.

1. Vinyl bags from Miss Alison ::::: 2. Stuffed owls from Kathleen Lolley ::::: 3. Earrings I bought from Jen Walrath ::::: 4. Leather cut-out jewelry (not available online) ::::: 5. Pretty much wanted everything from glass jewelry artist Penelope Rakov ::::: 6. Pillow jewelry from Amy Buffum (not available online) ::::: 7. Tees from fluffy co ::::: 8. Purse brooches from Yoko Tazaki


After Art Star, we wanted to eat at Bar Ferdinand, but apparently they don’t open for lunch (who knew), so we ended up at The Abbaye, a Belgian bar/restaurant. The food was good and the beer was even better, I’d definitely go back. On the walls, there were parintings by local artist Kathleen Vaccaro.  I liked the one titled “Kate Coppola” and Laura liked the falling elephant.

After eating,  Laura & I hit up Wholefoods, since the one in Philly is the closest to us and that’s still an hour away.

All in all it was a good day, spent with an even better friend, shopping, eating & drinking…what a lovely way to spend a crisp October Friday!



  1. Sounds like a fun day… I’ve been wanting to go up to Philly for a day, but I want to plan it out a little first and haven’t gotten around to it. The shops you mentioned sound like a good place to start!

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