Indie Fixx Autumn Cornucopia Giveaway: 2 ways to win & 2 prizes!


Autumn is officially here (at least for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere) and that means it’s time for changing leaves, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treaters,  butternut squash soup, my black kitty to sit in the window and look spooky, giving thanks and cornucopias of indie goodies to give away!  Yes, it’s time for another giveaway here at Indie Fixx and this one features 2 super fantastic indie prizes and there’s actually 2 ways to win!

How to enter – there’s 2 different ways to enter:

1. First way to enter - Post about the Indie Fixx Autumn Cornucopia Giveaway on your Blog, your Live Journal, your MySpace page, over at Facebook, Twitter,  Friendster, Crafster etc…and mention & link to your favorite participating contest sponsor (see the lists below). It’s totally okay to post about the giveaway in more than one place, doing so can actually increase your chances of winning. Do make sure to send me an email or leave a comment on this post with your name, email addy and links to all the places you have posted about the contest to officially enter though.

2. Second way to enter – Read about the contest on someone’s blog, Live Journal, MySpace page, etc…and leave a comment on this post below with the name & link of where you read about the contest. Also, be sure to share your favorite participating contest sponsor. You can leave multiple comments for all the places you read about the contest and enter multiple times! Indie Fixx does not count as a referring blog, you have to go out & do a search for the contest. It’s really not that hard, I’ll even get you started

How to win – there will be 2 winners:

At the contest end, I will choose one random comment. The person who left the comment will win a prize and so will the person from the referring site…from the same comment!

Sounds fun, right?

The contest period will end November 14th, so make to enter before then, and it is open to international entrants.

The Prizes:

Prize #1 (value $389) is made of the following goodies:

1. Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns.
2. Print from The Happygirl Shop
3. Necklace from Starving Artist Bazaar
4. Soap from Feto Soap
5.  Necklace from Karalee Designs
6. Bag from Becky OH!
7. Journal from Ex Libris Anymous
8.  Goodies from Mau Studio
9. Wall Vinyls from studiojk
10. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals
11. Print from Berkley Illustration (not pictured)
12. Goodies from Sprout Studio (not pictured)
13. Lace Knitting to Go (by Andrea Tung), Home Sewn (Kaari Meng) & “Little Notes” card set (by Susie Ghahremani) all from Chronicle Books


Prize #2 (value $386) is made up of the following goodies:

1. Print from The Happygirl Shop
2. Earrings from Kutuu
3. Soap from Boh Bon Soap Co.
4.  Bag from Faite Designs
5. Journal from Ex Libris Anymous
6.  Goodies from Mau Studio
7. Bag from IMOOI
8. Baby tee & cards from Goh Girl
9. Print from Berkley Illustration (not pictured)
10. Goodies from Sprout Studio (not pictured)
11. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals
12. Scarflette from Marketta New York
13. Little Stitches for Little Ones (Amy Butler), Picture Perfect Knits (by Laura Birek), Sublime Stitching Craft Pad (by Jenny Hart) all from Chronicle Books


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  1. Whee! These are some awesome prizes. I read about them on my sister’s fabulous blog, Scribble Nation @

    *Fingers Crossed* =D

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    Cindy Keery

  6. I read about it on the craftster community blog- please pick me! :)

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    Linked you up to my blog!

  8. Found it on Kutuu Studio Blog:

    Cindy Keery

  9. i just posted it to twitter…

    i am moxiephoto over there!

  10. i just posted the link on facebook…

    i am leah daehling there! come be my friend while you are there.

  11. Hi, This is one fabulous giveaway prize package. I love the “x’s & an Oh!” purse in the botanical print from
    “Becky Oh!” Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  12. Hi, I came over from . What a lovely and generous giveaway. Thank you.

  13. I forgot, I read about this on Cindy’s blog, {imagine. dream. create.}

  14. I read about the contest here:

    My fave contest participant would have to be IMOOI.


  15. I read about your great prize giveaway at We hope we win. I would fall in love with a Berkley Illustration.

  16. I heard about this giveaway from

    LOVE this blog! The art on here is absolutely amazing!

  17. I’m sorry, I don’t blog or post as I’m from a “different” generation. But, what amazing prizes. I would love to win. Thanks for the contest.

  18. Just blogged the contest on my lunch break:

    Favorite sponsor links included!

  19. I found your contest on Cindy’s imagine.dream.create blog. My favorite sponsor is Becky Oh!

  20. I also posted it on I would love all the items, but the Berkley Illustration would be my favorite.

  21. i saw the contest at “inspired by hand”

    I am drooling over the bags from IMOOI

  22. Read about the contest on Threads of Conversation (

    I like Junior Design and anything Esty.

  23. ok. i am not stalking you. but, i just started a thread over on etsy. probably will get buried fast. but i started it all the same.

  24. hi…I read about this awesome giveaway from Cindy …her blog is

    Thanks for the chance!

  25. pick me, I’m linking in my next post and sending all my friends here to comment! :-)

    so much fun stuff, crossing my fingers!

  26. I found your link on the “” site. Cindi

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    Many thanks, Cindi

  28. I read about your contest at

    Please count me in. My favorite sponsor is Indie Design.

  29. I found out about your drawing at WOW! I’d love to be included!

  30. wow i love to enter this and try and win this every thing is so grate

  31. I posted on my blog about your give away! It’s awesome!

  32. posted a link to the giveaway! BTW I LOVE Becky OH! bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Found another post about your contest at: The Etailer Review Spot:

    Cindy Keery

  34. I saw your contest via Leah Daehling’s blog

    How fun.

  35. I saw your contest at – and would love to enter. Thanks for such fun give-aways – and an intersting blog.

  36. Cindy [] – Cindy said I should hop on over – all I can say is WOW. Thank you for the opportunity. Dee –

  37. My blog is under construction so I am glad you offer two ways to enter. I choose the second with Sprout Studio being my favorite sponsor. I learned of your contest from {imagine.dream.create} with the address being Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize! I love your site, too!
    Linda Crowder

  38. I read about the contest on the website- Inspired by Hand
    I really love the Becky Oh bag!!
    Hope I am lucky!

  39. I saw your contest on Cindy’s blog over at:
    Please enter me in your contest! Your prizes are beautiful! thanks

  40. Great giveaway. I found you on Bitnbyaquiltingbug

    Please enter me in your give-away.

  41. I posted a link to your give-away on my blog and a link to Becky Oh, as well.

  42. I read about this great giveaway on
    Inspired By Hand blog

    I really love Mau Studio. I know of a certain charm bracelet at that great shop that ive wanted for quite a while!!

  43. I found that Sew You Want To…
    blogged about the Indie Fixx Give away!!
    I love that you can design your own purses at Faite Designs!

  44. Thread Of Conversation is a cute blog that i found!!
    I think that the Purses at Becky OH are great too. So colorful, great for casual or dress up:)

  45. These are beautiful. Many Christmas gifts here.

  46. Regina’s blog brought me to your giveaway:
    Faite Designs is my favorite participating sponser.
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  47. Hi! I found your info on Craft and Found here:

    My favorite vendor would be Feto Soap, my daughter would LOVE the ballerina glycerin soap!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  48. Gotcha covered at
    AND over on Facebook if I can figure it out! lol!

  49. ooohh, love everything here! just saw the contest posted on craft and found ( it is so wonderful to see ex libris anonymous represented.

  50. Okay, prepare to see alot of posts from me because I want to win this giveaway. It is awesome! Speaking of awesome, Have you seen the Lemon bar Soap on your sponsor’s site, Feto Soap? Bet it smells good enough to eat! I saw your contest posted here:

  51. OOPS! I was so excited to be posting first that I messed up and inserted your link. I meant to say I saw your contest on this site:

  52. WOw!! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win!! You rock!

  53. Kutuu not only is one of your sponsors but they also have your contest listed here: I love their Sea Treasure Earrings!

  54. I found a link to the contest here:

    and I’d love to enter!

  55. I blogged about your giveaway at my site, The Adventures of Nalgene Girl. Thanks for another amazing contest and for your blog. I love it!

  56. I’ve found another one! This time it is from Catherine Chandlers blog here:

    I also like the ducky glycerin soap from Feto Soap-can’t you tell I have children? lol… thanks for the chance!

  57. Mal mentioned you here:

    I headed over to Bidwell Botanicals and am wanting their Lime Margarita Salt Scrub for me-perfect for this time of year!

  58. this is very genorus of you ,and i love that you help people get their name out and also i love supporting indie artist

  59. Bitnbyaquiltingbug mentioned you here:

    I also would love the Bidwell Botanicals mojito scrub… lots of nice exfoliating scrubs over there it is really hard to choose just one-I love bath and body sites…

  60. I happened to visit Doris’ blog and she mentioned this giveaway as well.

    I have to admit, I don’t know any of these vendors because I am fairly new to blogging and Etsy but I am compiling a wish list and think the Freshwater Pearl Drops earrings from Kutuu are very elegant!


    I read about your give away on the blog above.

  62. I love love love the necklaces over at Karalee Designs! My favorite!

    I found this contest over at

  63. I heard about your amazing giveaway on the craft and found blog: Thanks!

  64. I am so excited for this contest! The prizes are amazing. I posted the details of the contest on my blog, as well as linked to one of my favorite sponsors!


  65. I came across this entry to win by visitng Cindy Keery’s site, imagine;dream;create!

    what great gifts, you are so generous!!
    Happy thanksgiving!

  66. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  67. Fun, fun giveaway! I was referred by Maybe I’ll have to post about y’all too!

    I found your contest on Cindy Keery’s blog!

  69. I found out about the giveaway on Craft and Found (

    Looks like so much fun. What a great site!


  70. I read about it at
    My fave contest sponsor is

  71. Found:

    Fave sponsor: Becky Oh

  72. Name: The Etailer Review Spot

    Another of my favorites: Feto Soap

  73. Name: My Perky World

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  74. Name: Imagine. Dream. Create.

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  75. Learned about the contest via Cool Mom Picks ( – featured in “Something Cool” which appears on every page of their site.

    My favorite sponsor is Faite Designs!

  76. Name: Pink Mandela

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  77. Name: Bits and Pieces

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  78. Everyone should go visit Indie Fixx and see their beautiful products for Christmas or anytime giving. Check their great contest out.

  79. I read about the contest on Sew You Want To…
    I also love the Kutuu jewelry. Very sophisticated.

  80. i’ve also twittered you! my twitter id is katylinvw :)

  81. I like the Starving Artis Bazaar – lots of great stuff there!

    Found the giveaway from @laurach on twitter


  82. Oops – forgot to add that I blogged about the giveaway here:


  83. I saw a link to this contest over on Bored & Crafty!

  84. I follow “Imaging.Dream.Create” faithfully, so I came on over to visit you! WOWSER! SSOOO much here…awesome blog, to sum it up. I’m a crafty person, luv making bags, & have been know to be called “The bag lady” (in a good way, too)THX. for sharing your creations & keeping this beautiful blog moving.

  85. There’s a link to this contest on My Perky World!

  86. There’s a link to this contest on Bitn by a Quilting Bug!

  87. I found the link here:
    I love craft & found!

  88. hi! i read about your contest on treasuring, jess gonacha’s blog ( all the prizes look great, but i am a really big fan of berkley illustration!

  89. This is awesome. I was going to blog about it anyway. :P

    Done and done!

  90. well, I read about this on:
    and my favourite sponsor is Faite Designs

  91. What an incredible giveaway – I’d love to enter! I read about it at . amd came running over to take a peek, lol. The pink/red IMOOI bag looks incredible – I’ll have to go have a peek at that site :)

  92. I read about this awesome contest on the Sew you Want To…. blog at . All of the items look wonderful but my favorite is the red purse from IMOOI.

  93. Well, what isn’t too love from these goodies! I esp. love those wall vinyls by StudioJK, bag by Faite, and the Funk Print by HappyGirl. I will have to post this giveaway on my blog later today!

  94. Hi
    Great contest, read about it on I love her stuff and I am glad she is a sponsor. Very lovely selections!

  95. I found out about this contest from

    I love the Susie Ghahremani cards!

  96. I first read about your contest on Treasuring (Jess Gonacha’s blog), and boy oh boy, do I hope I’m a lucky duck! :)

  97. I’ve also posted a link on my blog, Hoping for some sweet prizes in my future. :)

  98. Found out about your contest from

  99. Just to let you know that I am keeping comments hidden from the public until after the contest ends, but keep your comments coming! I am getting ‘em!


  100. I saw your contest posted on

    Thanks for hosting such a cool contest!!

  101. I found a link to this contest on the Craft&Found website

    and i think the Goh Girl baby t’s are sickenly sweet and cute. i love it.

  102. Well just discovered your amazing site, a real find for Christmas – thanks to my new pal Hannah @ Kutuu

  103. i love that you’re keeping comments hidden, that’s a smart idea!!
    i saw about the giveaway on , oh my goodness i would just die for the second set. or the first, ha! this stuff is incredible!

  104. What a great site! Just love it. I was surfing for quilting blogs today and just came across this. Keep up the great work!

  105. I found IndieFixx on Bit by a Quilting Bug. Just found her blog and loved it! Keep up the great work!

  106. Foul-Mouthed French School Confidential made a post in her own fashion too :

  107. Woot! Craft and Found posted too!

  108. This is fun! I’m starting at the top of the google results with Sew You Want To,

    I’ve always liked Becky Oh!

  109. Hi Jen,
    Here’s another entry from me – I read about this contest on someone else’s blog – Katie over at Runaway October blogged about it:

    Thanks for the opportunities to win some of these amazing things… both prize packs look fabulous.

  110. I heard about the contest on Peace is Upstream:

  111. I heard about the contest through Erin Kobie’s blog: Here

    What a great giveaway!

  112. Hello!
    I hope I’m doing this right. But, please count me in I’m trying here! ;-)
    I found your giveaway over at Cindy’s blog Thank you so very much for such a neat giveaway!
    ;-)Brooke D.

  113. I happily posted your contest on my blog and on my prity grl facebook group.
    Hope you get some attention . Love your site. It is so informative and helpful.

  114. I saw your link on and I love the Becky OH! bags – they make me want to try making purses myself. Wouldn’t it be fun to have all of them and change your bag everyday ;)

  115. Holy Hannah. I just read about your contest here:

  116. i saw your contest on craft and found. i think the website is thanks for sharing the love!

  117. I found a link to this here:

    My favorite contributor is IMOOI – these bags are LOVELY

  118. Found it on Runaway October:

    Cindy Keery

  119. I read about the contest on wolfie and the sneak ( It is certainly difficult to pick just one favorite (though I suppose I get to pick 2 if I link from my Myspace profile!), but cornered I would have to say Berkley Illustration. The way he keeps the integrity of the animals’ true nature whilst suiting them up in hats and ties is both lovely and joyous!

  120. is where I heard about your contest.

    The prizes all look great – I think my favorite would be Chronicle Books, though. I would LOVE new knitting books! The embroidery patterns look great too, as do the bags!!!

  121. I read about the giveaway at Bits and Pieces blog. If I had to choose only one favorite sponsor it would be 4.Bag from Faite Designs. great giveaway!

    Lynn aka Soukies

  122. Came over from Ihanna’s blog, I would LOVE to win, I never win anything

  123. Saw the giveaway here:
    Have you seen the Rebound Square Sketch Earrings at Mau studio? They are CUTE!

  124. This is where I found about your contest:

    Super prizes, thank you for hosting it.


  125. What a fantastic giveaway. I heard about it from Cindy at:

    Thank you so much for entering me into your drawing!

  126. Hey there!

    I read about this on Jessica Gonacha’s site, Treasuring:

    The prizes look amazing!

  127. WOW!!
    Throw my name into the hat Erin!

  128. Whoops! I forgot to leave my favorite participating sponsor which is BECKY OH!

  129. Oh what a wonderful give-away. Please enter me into your drawing. I found this give-away form
    I will also post this wonderful give away on my blog :)
    Many thanks to all your wonderful sponsers for their donated items.
    It is hard to choose but I love the bags. I could not decide which one was the best… sorry

  130. Great giveaway. I read about this on Jess Gonacha, Treasuring. And I would have to say for favorite shop it’s a toss up between Kutuu and Berkley Illustrations.

  131. I got the heads up about the contest from!

  132. saw about this on
    linda gerig

  133. I have twittered and linked this to my blog contest at

  134. What a neat contest! Great way to spread the word about your site. I don’t have a favorite sponsor since I’ve never seen them before, but the Baby tee & cards from Goh Girl look cute!

  135. Katie sterred me to your site and I fell in love with your ‘giveaways’ such beautiful ahnd work …you shoyld be very proud of yourself .. you are very talented … I am happy I know how to hem a pair of pants …LOL

  136. I read about this fantabulous giveaway at: . Here’s wishing . .

  137. Found:

    Fave sponsor: Becky Oh!

  138. Here it is on Blog Giveaways:

    Cindy Keery

  139. Here it is on The Wicked life of… meeeee:

    Cindy Keery

  140. Here it is on Bored and Crafty:

    Cindy Keery

  141. Wow–great goodies! I learned about the giveaway at, and I’m especially pleased to see the Chronicle Books stuff here.

  142. Awesome! Here’s where I heard about your contest: Everything Up Close blog

    My fave sponsor is Feto Soap. I love their natural soap products.

    thanks for the awesome contest!

  143. Here’s another one: Craft blog
    And again my fave sponsor is Feto Soap. Thanks!

  144. Sorry last one was the wrong contest! Sorry!

  145. Here’s the other one I was looking for: Cool Mom Picks blog (bottom right)

    Again, I love the Feto Soap! thanks!

  146. I read about the contest on Everything Up Close –

    I just love the Bag from Faite Designs. It is simply gorgeous!


  147. I found the contest from blog giveaways. I think the journal in prize#1 from Ex Libris looks awesome!

    Thank you!

  148. From reading the fab list of prizes, I’m getting all swoony about this drawing. I saw it mentioned on Scribble Nation at this URL:

    My favorite sponsor — Chronicle Books. It combines books AND knitting — what’s not to love? :o)

  149. Hi I read about the contest here:
    Bored and Crafty’s Blog
    Wow…some prizes!!

  150. Im new to this whole blogging thing but blogged about this giveaway :) I would so love to win either one of these wonderful prizes!!! Like I said I am new to this and writting isnt my strong point but I would really like these prizes. Thank you for the chance to win such great gifts!

  151. Linked from

    My favorite is IMOOI. That Ola purse is awesome!

  152. Wow..that is a hell of a giveaway you have going here! :D

    Heard about it through iHanna,

    Thanks! :D

  153. I’ve just read about this fantastic giveaway at

    treasuring (jessica gonacha)

    I absolutely love the Becky OH! Bag in the first prize photo.

  154. Read about the contest on Kutuu’s web site!
    That would also be my favorite participating contest sponsor!

  155. I read about The Indie Fixx autumn giveaway on JessiccaGonachas blog!
    I am super excited about items from IMOOI, Studiojk and ex libris anymous!

  156. I read about it on

    also my favorite sponsor is cool mom picks, I get their newletter!

    thanks for the awesomeness!


  157. I saw the link to enter the contest at

  158. I read all about the Indie Fixx Cornucopia at It has a little something for everyone! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  159. I posted about this awesome giveaway on my blog,
    I sure do hope I win!

  160. Came across your contest listing and boy am I glad to find your website! gotta go – I have to continue viewing your site! Thanks!

  161. Hi! I read about the contest at Camp Indigo —, and I love IMOOI. :) Thanks for the fun contest!

  162. I cannot believe the beautiful gifties you are giving away!~! WOW!~!

    This is the blogspot where I found out about your give away. I cannot believe the beautiful and generous prizes you will be giving away! Someone pinch mee!~!

  164. Hi there :)

    The giveaway sounds fun and the prizes ARE great!! With no hopes to win (have never won anything to date in my life in any sort of contests or draws like this one) I still have decided to paste the link where I found out about the draw just to let you know about the wonderful blog there is run by Hanna from Sweden. She is a really devoted crafts person :) So enjoy – I read her all the time and thanks to her will have a more thorough look at this blog as well. So far it looks encouraging :)


  165. posted about over at!!

  166. Oh, my goodness – this giveway is amazing! Any one of these items would be fantastic. I heard about it through MamaCrafty’s blog. Crossing my fingers… :)

  167. I read about your giveaways on blog. Everything looks so great in these. Thanks for doing this.


  168. What a fabulous give away!
    I read about it here:

  169. Hey, Jen!

    I’m drooling over your Web site – how cool is this! I’ve just found out about you and your awesome contest through kelly, at Though all of your sponsors have lovely work, Kelly (of happygirl shop) is my fave – I’m already the proud owner of one of her prints, and would love a chance at another! That and she’s just a super gal. :)

    Thanks for the great contest – this is so much fun!

  170. I found the link here:

    favourite sponsor: Becky OH!

  171. Hiya! Saw this contest on! tanybug posted a message here: :)

  172. I saw the link for this contest at I can’t tell you my favorite sponsor because I don’t think I have ever used any of these products. So after I win I will let you know!

  173. These have such delicious illustrations and creations in them! And what a fun way to do the prize winnings!

  174. I read about your contest over at! Hooray!

  175. Wow, fantastic giveaway! I would love to win! I read about it on iHanna’s blog:

  176. I heard about this giveaway on iHanna’s blog (

    I’m new both to her blog and this one, but I find them creative and inspiring!

  177. Hi! I would love to enter this contest. I was referred by who is awesome, so a prize for her and I would be lovely!


  178. I saw this contest at, and am so excited about it! I’m also excited to discover your blog. Delicious!

  179. This is so much fun! I’m finding all sorts of wonderful new blogs! I found another at Treasuring:

    Have to say my fav sponsor is Goh Girl. :)

  180. I read about your give away on site. Please enter me for your contest and sure hope to win! Thank you for great site!

  181. I just read about it here at Treasuring:

    I love Becky Oh!

  182. Hi, I read about your Indiefixx autumn-cornucopia giveaway at the below website. I posted and said Hi to Cindy the blog person and said I would mention her here. I hope I did all this correctly.

  183. Hi,
    Your giveaway is listed here also. Blogs About Being Crafty


  184. i found you from here: isn’t she wonderful?

    i’m really digging your blog, and will be back for sure. i need the daily inspiration… ;-D


  185. Wow, its a great give away!
    I found this link on
    As a cat-owned person, my favorite sponsor is Mau studio.

  186. good mornin. I would like to enter your contest . I saw it on craftster and tanybug was the person who posted about it. I will be posting about it on my blog and bluegreaa moms. I will be back shorlty with the links to it :P

  187. me again :) I posted on my blog about your contest . I also have a small one running if you would like to enter. I am off to post on maryjane farngirls about your contest

  188. Here is the post on the maryjane board :) Love all your work !1

  189. I just discovered your site through my Wolfie and the Sneak RSS feed. I am so inspired by yours and other artists work. I want to be you when I grow up! There’s a link on my blog and I’ll try to post on other blogs, too. My favorite is the Kutuu jewelery. So beautiful and simple. Thanks for the chance to win.

  190. I found you over at ‘treasuring’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  191. I found you over at ‘the camp’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  192. I found you over at ‘imagine dream create’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  193. I found you over at ‘the wicked life of… meeeeee’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  194. I found you over at ‘cool mom picks’ on their sidebar under ‘here’s something cool’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  195. I found you over at ‘sew you want to’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  196. I found you over at ‘’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  197. I found you over at ‘craft and found’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  198. I found you over at ‘threads of conversation’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  199. I found you over at ‘lovely lissies relfections and ruminations’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  200. i saw your contest on jess gonacha etsy shop

    and my favorite sponsors are IMOO and Faite Designs

    thanks for such a fantastic giveaway

  201. I found you over at ‘blog giveaways’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  202. I found you over at ‘swisher sweetie’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  203. I found you over at ‘bored and crafty’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  204. I found you over at ‘flapper girl’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  205. I found you over at ‘runaway october’: And my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl. Thanks!!

  206. Wow, what an awesome contest. I read about it over at Tribal Witch here:…t-indiefix.html

  207. Great prize;lots of nice things!

  208. Hi! What an amazing giveaway! I read about it on:
    You have some awesome sponsors, but if I had to pick one as my fave it would be The Studio. Thanks!!

  209. I added a link on my blog.

  210. I posted about IMOOI on my blog.

  211. I love Susie Ghahremani and all of her cute creations! This giveway is awesome!

  212. Wow, those look like lovely prizes!!!The art looks amazing & the purses are soo adorable!!! What I wouldn’t do to win! hehehe goodluck to everyone! :)

  213. Oh and I saw it on tribal witch!…t-indiefix.html

  214. Your giveaway is posted here: I looked thru the wall art at Studio JK and fell in love with the Scissors Vinyl Decal. It would look great in a home office.

  215. I read about the giveaway on Robins online world… I visited Starving artist bazaar- their necklaces are so lovely, also Becky Oh -wonderful purses, and Faite designs -beautiful handbags!

  216. What a super give-away! I am going to have to post about you. :) My favorite is Faite Designs.

  217. I came here from Hope I win.

  218. Hi, I read about the contest on The Etailer Review spot.

    My favorite participating shop is StudioJK. I was browsing their shop a couple of weeks ago trying to pick out a design and figure out where in the house I could put it.

  219. I read about the contest here:
    My favorite sponsor is IMMOI

  220. I am seeing more of your contest posts pop up all over the blogs!~! I hope I win!~!

  221. I got the link to your Giveaway from Happy Housewife and Penny Pinching Mom

    My favorite place to find out about Giveaways is..

  222. I heard about your wonderful contest at

    BIDWELL BOTANICALS has caught my fancy

  223. Awesome contest! I was sent here by Glueandglitter!!

  224. Glue and Glitter has posted about it here:

    Let’s hear it for Becky Oh!

  225. me me me me me me! :D
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the first prize.. and would LOVE LOVE (2 loves) the second one!!

    oh and I came here through :)

  226. I found the Indie Giveaway blogged about at Glue&Glitter!!
    I love Ex Libris Anymous Book Journals..How unique!!
    I really love the one called A Prairie Rose:)

  227. Bacon Pecan Pie Blogged about the giveaway!!
    I think its so cool that wall vinyl is so “in”right now.
    I love the StudioJK!!

  228. The blog named Camp Indigo blogged about the Indie Fixx giveaway!!
    Ooooo…the Leather necklaces at Marketa New York…wonderful:)

  229. This was my first time at Swisher Sweetie,they blogged about the giveaway.
    Bidwell Botanicals have really nice gift sets.The Go Green Carry all looks great!

  230. A blog named Missmalaprop blogged about indie fixx!!

    Haha..The “adult” section at Fetosoaps made me laugh:)

  231. Cool..I know Cool Mom Picks!! They blogged about you too!!

    Ooooo..I signed up for Sprout Studios newsletter!
    I love the Vintage Plastic necklaces:)

  232. A cute blog called
    Lovely Lissie’s Reflections and Ruminations has your giveaway info.,
    Another Fave from Mau Studio?!?

  233. I had found this site a few days ago but i am not sure my comment went through.


    I love the print called Happy at HappyGirl Shop!!

  234. Treasuring
    Yay,Jessica Gonacha…I found he blod about the giveaway!!
    All the necklaces are great at Karalee Designs.
    The colors in the Fossil Round are so pretty!

  235. Bored and Crafty has a cute name and blogged about Indie Fixx Giveaway:)
    Another favorite necklace of mine from Mau Studios is the Sweet Strawberry necklace.So cute for the Spring and Summer:)


    i knew about the giveaway here!!!

    i can die if i get any of those packs!! the are gorgeous!!!!!

  237. I read about it at

    The baskets are BEAUTIFUL!

  238. saw this site and contest mentioned on Craftster–
    This site rocks! Thanks for making me aware of it!

  239. Love your site and hope I’m a winner. I’ll post about contest today. Good luck to you and me.

  240. Hi again — I got my friend Chel to post about the contest on her blog, so I’ve also seen it at “Chasing Contentment.”

  241. So awesome! I got here from Glue & Glitter. Fingers crossed!

  242. I hope it’s OK to enter by posting and by commenting! If not, you can just ignore my comment. :) I saw a post about the giveaway over at Runaway October!

  243. thanks for doing this contest, i’m so excited!!!

  244. I read about the contest on The Camp,

    I love everything here in these two prize collections! so super great!

  245. I read about the contest on The Camp,

    I love everything here in these two prize collections! so super great! My favorites are definitely Kelly’s prints from the HappyGirl Shop!

  246. glitter and glue sent me!

  247. I saw this contest on Rachel’s One Pretty Thing blog.

    I really like Berkley Illustrations. This contest sounds awesome!

  248. I read about this giveaway at I am going to blog about this over at which will also feed into my facebook notes.

  249. WOW! That is a HUGE prize! I got the link to your site on
    I will post your info on mine too!

  250. Great website! I found out about and your contest from

  251. Entry 1: Found a link to your fabulous contest at Craft & Found

    I’ll be back

  252. Post about your contest here:

    A good find from Chronicle books would be The Punch: A Novel. I wouldn’t mind reading it. Looks interesting!

  253. Saw your contest posted here:
    I like butterflies so the happy – original mixed media painting caught my eye on the Happygirl Shop’s site.

  254. i saw it here at Tribal Witch

  255. I found out about this through Hostess with the Mostess. And there are so many goodies to choose from. I like the bag from Faite Designs the most. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  256. I posted on my myspace

    I really do love those embroidery patterns….thanks!

  257. Hello! I blogged about the Indie Fixx giveaway right here:

    those prize packages are AMAZING!

  258. I found out about the Indie Fixx giveaway on Craftster

  259. What a fun blog – read about contest on Bacon Pecan @

  260. What a fun blog – read about contest on Bacon Pecan Pie @

  261. I found one of my new favorite blogs that posted about your giveaway..Tribal Witch!!!

    The agent Tokyo Tees at Goh girl are cute:)

  262. Hello Indie !
    I discovered your blog via a French artist and I love your word !

    Thank you also for your generosity!

    Kisses from Switzerland !

  263. I found your contest through Hostess with the Mostess.
    My favorite sponser if I had to pick would be Bidwell Botanicals. :)

  264. Another post here:

    KARALEE DESIGNS has a pretty fairy necklace in their signature necklaces collection.

  265. I so love this giveaway!!!! All that stuff is great!
    I read about it on my friends blog.

  266. Did my last post featuring the sponsor of Becky OH! post? I do not see where it says it is awaiting moderation.

  267. That’s some amazing prices, love ‘em!
    I’ve been sent here by Ihanna ( and god would I love to win!

  268. I found out about this giveaway on . Love this stuff!

  269. Oh, my goodness… what lovely prizes… please, please, let me be lucky.. I read about this contest on the Tribal Witch. Thanks

  270. I read about your contest on This is my FIRST EVER entry in a blog giveaway!! Fall is FABULOUS!!!!

  271. the next place I see you mentioned is at Miss Malaprop –

  272. Bored and Crafty

    I really love bags and I really admire Faite Designs. My bag collection is starting to increase. I really love the designs.

  273. Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance – here’s my blog where I have linked to Indie Fixx and my fave prints by happygirl64 :)

  274. I also posted and shared the link on Facebook :)

  275. Yay a contest!!
    I heard about this on Scribble Nation’s blog! (

    And my fav contest sponsor is Becky OH!
    Oh how I love those bags!!

  276. Hi! I read about your blog and giveaway here:

    Beautiful, beautiful and generous giveaways. I would love to be the winner of one of these great prizes. Good Luck to all!!

    Off to peruse your beautiful blog.

    Jenny in Maine

  277. I’m choosing option 2. I found this link on’s forum. (

  278. I saw your contest on Tonya’s site…

    lovelovelove the give aways!

  279. I saw your giveaway on the site Hostess with the Mostess (I love that site!). I love your site as well and love that you’re offering this giveaway! :)

  280. Scribble Nation wrote about the giveaway. I signed up for their newsletter:)
    I love Mua studios. I look at the necklaces and other jewelry often!! Still love that black punk charm bracelet #1!!!

    My Perky World blogged about Indie Fixx!!
    Studiojk also has the cutest Halloween Mr. Spider and a cute Haunted House vinyl wall art.

  282. I read about the giveaway at Craftster:)

    Karalee Designs has Pet collars!!
    I love the skull design:)

  283. Found this about the giveaway at Pink Mandalas….

    I love the Guitar wristlet at Mau studios.So original and cute:)

  284. Wow,your giveaways are so cute. I read from my friends blog, Jenny Bamford Perkins. I would love to collect those goodies.

  285. jennys blog is Sorry I didn’t add this on my first post.

  286. Just now seen… mention at Artivity:

    Simple, brief, but a mention!

  287. I found out about the contest on Hostess with the Mostess:

    I love the Bag from Faite Designs

  288. I heard about your giveaway from this site:

  289. hi there! found a link to your contest from: what a fun find….i’ll be checking back here often! thanks much!

  290. I hope I’m not too late to enter. Found out about your contest over at
    Terri’s website.

    Bon Bon Soap Company looks like a great little shop!

  291. Sorry, the name on my last post (13) was misspelled. Should be Artivity.

    Here is another comment:

    Name: Runway October

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  292. Name: The Camp

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  293. Name: Pam’s Blog candy Postings

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  294. Name: Bored & Crafty

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  295. Learned about your contest at, a beautiful blog from France. She does really spectacular work. Indiefixx is sooo cool. I’ve just gotten into mixed media from a textile and jewelry background. Love it. Would be so lucky to get any of the prizes and hope I’m a winner in your contest.
    Best regards.

  296. Found a link on Craftster!

    Chronicle books are awesome! They have books on how to be a Villian!

  297. I read about your GLORIOUS giveaway on Camp Indigo! What lovely prizes! What a fun contest. Please enter me.


  298. Hi! I’ll be posting this amazing giveaway on blog post tommorrow when I upload it in the morn :)
    Thank you for the entry!!

  299. Also, I hope I read this correctly but for my 2nd entry on where I saw the contest link. It was on craftster. Here is the link of who posted it:

  300. What a great giveaway…I would love to win number 2 because that pink bag is exactly what I have been looking for to add to my collection. I came across this giveaway from Bees Studio blog (…yay for the tip!

  301. Read about this on

    I like the print from the Happy Girl shop. Very cool.


  302. This is such a great giveaway! I posted about it with links to the site on both my blog and my facebook page. Here are the links to both:

  303. Wow…these both look great. I would so love to win either one!

  304. I found you at One Pretty Thing:

    and would love to be entered in the contest! Becky Oh Is amazing, as is IMOOI. What can I say, I’m a sucker for adorable bags.

    Great blog and thanks so much!

  305. I read about the contest at

  306. I found your contest listed at this blog.

    My favorite sponsor is
    Becky OH!

  307. Followed the link from Altered Antiquity by Kathy Wasilewski . . . just had to see what the goodies were!

  308. everything is so beautiful! I’ll be sad if i don’t win! I heard about it on craftster today!

  309. Heres another blog that posted about your giveaway:
    Marketta New York has cashmere scarflettes. Very unique. I have never seen a scarflette.

  310. I read about this contest on this site

    Wow there are some really beautiful items! I love the bag from IMOOI

  311. I’m new to your blog page and this whole blog thing but loving the energy you all put out. Keeps me inspired everyday. The more I explore, the more I find. Maybe someday I’ll even start a page myself. Hmmmmmm.

  312. Oh man, I forgot to mention that I heard of the contest from exploring and discovering Bacon Pecan Pie. Woohoo!!

  313. Hi, I saw your contest on


  314. Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I loooove all the books from Chronicle and bags by faite and becky oh! I saw the giveaway on Runaway October

  315. This is so amazing! I just love all the books from Chronicle and bags by faite and becky oh! I saw the giveaway on One Pretty Thing

  316. Hello. I saw a link to this contest at I’m really excited to enter.

  317. Read about the contest at Tau’s site:

    And truth be told, I’m not familiar with any of your contest sponsors but I’ve been loving the eye candy each link sends me to!

    ciao for now … Jen

  318. I pick up your contest from
    Looks like fun things to win
    I like the fall time– the colors and the crip-ness in the air. I think the Northwest has some very pretty fall colors. Have a great day

  319. I found your great little contest through my sister’s craft blog, Tanto, at – I’ve never been to this site, but I love it and will be sure to add it to me daily reads list today! Thanks…

  320. I just found this contest on ! I’m happy because I didn’t know your blog before ! It’s such a great inspiration source here, thanks ! I also wanted to share my love for Sprout Studio that proposed sooooo cuttest accessories ever !! And IMOOI bags just ROCK !! Smooches ;-)

  321. Such great stuff :) I’ve been iching to try out some sublime stiching, this’d be a great way to get off the fence!

    Oh yeah, I read about your giveaway at One Pretty Things’ Daily DIY (

  322. what an awesome contest I love the stuff you have on your site

  323. Hello,
    I red about your contest on glueandglitter’s website ( link below).

    I love the purses the most (by immoi)!!

  324. Love the jewelry at starving artist bazaar and the vinyl art by StudioJK. Found this on Cheers!

  325. I just read about the giveaway at I think my favorite sponsor is Goh Girl!

  326. It’s so cool ! I would like to win the wonderful prize #1. Thanks for this good idea

  327. Superbes lots !!!
    Ca fait envie !!

  328. I found a link to your store on Cool Mom Picks…I love your stuff and hope I win!

  329. I would love to win! I cane here from

    I am also blogging about the giveaway!

  330. HI,

    Here is the link: and my favourite sponsor is STARVING ARTIST BAZAAR 100 % :)))! Wish me luck

  331. Hi,

    Here is a link:

    and most favourite of sponsors is STARVING ARTIST BAZAAR :)))
    Hajni from Ireland

  332. Hi,

    Here is a link:

    and my favourite sponsor is STARVING ARTIST BAZAAR :)))
    Wish me luck!

  333. Here is a link for u:))):

    And I love MAU studio :)))


  334. HI Here is my link:

    Imagine.Dream.Create : and my favorite sponsor is Starving Artist Bazaar :) Cheers!

  335. Hi ,

    Here is my link:
    and my favorite sponsor is Kutuu.


  336. Hi,

    Here is a link: Coolmumpicks: and I favor Starving Artist Bazaar.


  337. What a great contest! I love handmade things…they inspire me to create my own stuff.

    I saw this contest here:

    If I won one of these, I’d be using some of these as Christmas gifts, since I’m taking the Handmade Pledge.

  338. I blogged you too

    And I forgot to mention that my favorite product is the bag from Faite Designs. It was a hard decision!

  339. Found the contest via Katydid & Kid:

    I am in love with the IMOOI bags!!!

  340. Catherine Chandler has some fantastic pieces at her Etsy shop.

  341. Hello, sent me over. Fantastic giveaway…please count me in

  342. Fantastic prizes! Things like this make life even more fun!
    I read about the giveaway on



  343. I saw the contest on Catherine Chandler’s blog

    My favorite sponsor is Bidwell Botanicals – I love natural soaps like sea salts and those fruity ones – great stuff.

  344. I read about your give away over at Regena Brennan’s Quilt n Quilt Things! Here is the link to her site:

  345. read about it here too, love studio JK also… I’m loving exploring your blog!

  346. Saw the link from your twitter account to the B&B winners and then saw the banner to the left and clicked away!

    I’m loving up that black bag from Stacyoh!

  347. I saw it on twitter posted by JamieRibisi!

    jamieribisi Just entered the Cornicopia at Indiefixx 9 minutes ago from web

  348. I’d looove to win prize #1!!! saw this on :) i will be sure to add this to my own blog!!

  349. I posted your blog candy on the sidebar of my blog. I also heard about it thru
    Thanks for the chance to win some awsome prizes!!!

  350. I found your giveaway here.

    My favorite sponspor is BeckyOH! I love her Bellissimo bag.

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  351. Wow this is an amazing giveaway. I am going to post a link on my blog tomorrow. I came from here:
    Oh yes and I will be posting this to FB!

  352. I posted about the Autumn Cornucopia Giveaway on my blog.

  353. I read about the contest at
    What a great collection of giveaway items! I especially love the Studio jk wall vinyl and the Becky Oh! bags.

  354. Hi there! I did a write up about your contest on my blog and linked to Becky Oh. I hope I will big! Blog info:

  355. I read about the contest on One Pretty Thing ( and I really love craft books, Amy Butlers books are always my favorite!

  356. Hi there! This is a great giveaway! I read about it at

    Thanks for letting me enter!

  357. I read about this giveaway here
    I like this sponcer they have affordable and cute things. I like their Punk Charm Bracelet.

  358. I read about the contest on craftster…
    I love the Faite Designs bags!! they are awesome!


  360. I first read about your post . It’s an excellent resource! As for contributors, I love the quikiness of The HappyGirl Shop and the upscale, polished look of Marketta New York’s scarflettes.
    (But everything’s lovely, really!)

  361. Well, since you got me started…
    You’re listed at Glitter and Glue, too!

  362. I followed the link from =] what awesome prize packs
    i checked out the jewlery over at Kutuu, beautiful!! and the baby tee from goh girl!

    i am going to blog about it now! thanks for the opportunity

  363. I blogged about it here!!

    Im going to post this in a forum im a part of to let other moms know about it,does that count as another entry???

    Im going to post it and come back here and leave a link to the forum.
    thank you!! international- so its open for us in canada!! yay!

  364. i just posted it in the forum over at… im not sure if this link works, i think you need to be a registered member?
    but here it is..

    thank again!!

  365. I heard about the contest from here:

    And my favorite sponser would have to be Happy Girl!

  366. I would love to win this prize.

  367. Sorry, one more time b/c I didn’t get any kind of confirmation when I sent that one. I think this page doesn’t like my computer! Sorry I sent my blogging link twice yesterday, too. Of course I just want to do everything right so I can have a chance at this prize, The Mother of All Indie Giveaways!
    I Just So Millie! Blogged this giveaway here:
    studiojk and their fabu wall vinyls are just one of many things I would be THRILLED to have!

  368. Oh my, what fab stuff you have on your site, and how cool are you for this great give away. I found this great give-away on One Pretty Thing.
    I visit here daily. Thanks. Happy Halloween.

  369. I followed a link from this site

  370. I read about this contest at (Into) The Fray! I think the three bags are my favorite things in the giveway, but I honestly can;t decide which one I love the most!

  371. Read about the contest here:

    Have now fallen in love with the Boh Bon Soap company (partly because of their fabulous packaging).

  372. Wow, what an amazingly generous giveaway! I read about it on (Into) the Fray first, and made sure to give it a shout-out on my blog:

    It’s such a fun and sweet contest, so thanks are majorly in order! However you got this all together makes you some kind of criminal mastermind!

    – Martina (

  373. I saw a link to your contest on Anne’s blog at

    Lovely idea and thank you for the opportunity to sign up!!!


  374. I read about the contest on What Went Wrong Now.

    My very favorite are the Becky Oh! bags, but all of this stuff looks freakin’ fabulous! I’m off to shop …

  375. I read about the give-away at and I’m bookmarking your site right now.

  376. I left a comment earlier but think I forgot to mention that I found you through and since the comments are hidden I can’t check : )

  377. I read about the contest at My favorite is the bag by Faite Designs, and IMOOI! What a great contest! I’m going to post about it on my blog tomorrow!

  378. The Etailer Review Spot is an interesting site.

    I think I’m also partial to Faite Designs – very cute purses!

  379. I found out about your contest at What an amazing collection of prizes!

  380. wow please enter me in to your giveaways i love to try and win some thing thanks

  381. I found about the giveaways from here:

    Studiojk’s beautiful Wall vinyls and all books from Chronicle Books are very interesting!

  382. What a great giveaway! read about it at (into) the fray blog.I love the print from happy firl and the becky oh! bag is delightfull too.

  383. I read about the contest at

    Gorgeous items!

  384. First off, I read about the contest by Yasmine at

    Second, this is amazing!!!!!! I love everything here, and I especially LOVE LOVE and support handmade items.

    Faite designs is my favorite sponsor here. I do not own a bag or purse (i know, its a sin, im 30 years old and all i have ever had is a diaper bag!)

    I hope we win, i could totally use one!!!


  385. I just read about this at (which is a great blog!). I love the Becky OH bags and the Bidwell Botanical products sound amazing!

  386. I read about this contest on (Into) the Fray

    What a wonderful bag by Faite Designs! So lovely!

  387. I just posted about this on my blog today! I’m so excited for this contest!!

  388. I saw this contest on (Into) the Fray, I’m loving Sprout Studio!

  389. What a great contest! I read about this on … I especially love the first prize, especially Boy Girl Party!

  390. I read about the contest on What fantastic items to giveaway! Love the Imooi bag!

  391. i read about it here – excited!

  392. This is an amazing giveaway. Count me in. I have also added a link to the side of my blog.

  393. I read about the contest at

    who has the bestest scarves, beads and sewing ideas ever.

  394. I read about the contest at

    I found 2 new blogs to subscribe too now! Cool!

    Starving Artist Bazaar

    **Some of my favorite sponsors!**


  395. I read about this on Inside My Sewing Box. What neat prizes.

  396. I read about this contest on….everything looks lovely :)

  397. Hiya
    I read about your giveaway on and couldn’t resist a visit.

    What an amazing bundle you have put together!! I’ll happily give a happy home to one :)

  398. i read about your giveaway at:
    what amazing prizes!!!

  399. i read about your blog on

    I will also post you on my private blog
    the prizes are a great motivator – love the site!

  400. Wow! AWESOME prizes! I read about it on and will post about it later today! :)

  401. This giveaway looks fantastic, so many great Indie Designers,
    I’ve posted about this wonderful contest on my blog
    and on Twitter

  402. I read about this giveaway on
    My girlfriend would love this giveaway, she loves Mau Studio!

  403. I read about this on What beautiful prizes!!

  404. I read about this contest last night on Ambika’s blog, I love the Happygirl shop prints and the craft books from chronicle books.

  405. i read about this on glue & glitter. what beautiful prizes!!

  406. I read aout the contest at,

    The Faite designs bag is so pretty!

  407. This is a great giveaway! I just posted about this on my blog :)


    Great idea! I love Kutuu! All the items are so gorgeous!

  409. Artivity has blogged about this too!

    I would love jewelry from Starving Artist Bazaar.

  410. I read about the contest at! What a fabulous set of prizes!

  411. I am off to twitter you right now!

  412. i’ve been referred to your site by smeeta from xanga.

    here is the link to her page:

    i’ve got to say, those prizes look awesome! hope i’d be the one to get my hands on one of them =P

  413. I read about this at
    i’m so glad she directed me here; it’s like etsy heaven!

  414. I read about your site and the contest at
    I just love the bags and the books – oh! the books!!!

  415. oops, meant to write starving artist jewelry!

  416. i was referred here from a fellow blogger (from,and while i adore the fellow xangan, i hope i win instead of her!


    p/s.: i hope she wins as well. at least the other prize after i win, of course.

  417. Hi,

    What an amazing contest… an unbelievable amount of creative talent.

    I read about the contest on Glue & Glitter ( & my favourite sponsor is The Happygirl Shop, now a newly hearted Etsy shop.

    thanks, Laura

  418. I read about this contest on

    I have to say the prizes are the best ever, I’ve never seen such a great contest before!

  419. I posted on my facebook page… Ialso thought I posted this here, but don’t see it… hope I am not bothering you twice?

  420. Via Runaway October, And I’d LOVE to add to my Ex Libris collection… browsing the ExL offerings every couple of weeks is my version of therapy. :) Thsnks for the contest, IndieFixx!

  421. What a great giveaway! I love it all and blogged about it here:!

  422. Hi, I have posted you on My space. Live journal and Facebook and delicious. I love all of your products. I tell everyone that. I hope I win.

    Thank you so very much,


  423. I saw the contest on One Pretty Thing: The Faite Design and Becky Oh bags are fabulous and everything else looks yummy too! Happy Halloween!

  424. I read about the contest at! I love the Bag from Faite Designs and the hea Butter Sugar Scrub from Bidwell Botanicals!!!

  425. I read about the contest on, and I plan to post about it on my blog as well! Hooray!

  426. After many requests for the shoes, hats and sweaters I make I decided to take a break from blogging to work on my knitting and crocheting. I just stumbled onto your blog and I have to day it has got me so excited and motivated to get my new blog going. THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION

  427. Julie at Life Under the Mango Tree has a post:

    I know they aren’t handmade, but I appreciate Chronicle books!

  428. i read about it on into the fray!


  429. Hi there! I posted about this on my blog – and on myspace – Sorry for the long link…

  430. I am back yet again! I just want to let u know I think this is a great give away!

  431. Here it is again! (Re)Found this contest on Glue and Glitter:

  432. Ummm… entering multiple, multiple times… hope that doesn’t count as spamming, but your contest is all over everywhere!

    Here it is on Threads of Conversationa:

  433. And the last one (for now?) on Scribble Nation:

    I love that way you’re doing this contest, because it not only exposes your awesome website to a lot of new readers, but it also exposed me to a lot of new (very cool) blogs!

  434. What a totally amazing giveaway. I read about the contest on Cindy’s blog —

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  435. I read about your contest here:

    I think I’m going to pick Bidwell Botanicals as my favorite sponsor.

  436. Great day and I’ve been meaning to sign up and put on my blog about your giveaway. Finally did today on my wordpress site, clicketyclak. My name is Donna Ehle and my email address is I really do love your blog. The prizes are great.

  437. I read about the contest at CrossYR Ranch ( The boh bon soaps sound really neat to try since I am a soap maker.

  438. I found mention of the contest at:

    She likes the Faite bag and so do I!

  439. I read about the contest at I am really excited about these prizes, especially the Becky OH! bags.

  440. I caught wind of this contest via Into The Fray’s post on it ( Immediately, the IMOOI bag from Prize #2 caught my eye (I’m an incurable bag lover!) as well as the journals. Now that I’ve got a link to that Ex Libris Anymous, I know where I’m going to be looking for my next journal. :) Bags and journals are the loves of my love, and were I to win either of these beautiful prizes, I would be DEAD from all the awesome.

  441. I saw the contest on:
    I hope we win!

  442. Hi there! I’d love to enter this awesome giveaway!

    I read about the details on Pulp Sushi’s blog.

    Her post link is:

    Hope that is what I was meant to do to be entered :)

  443. I just read about this give away over at What an awesome give away. I love all three bags that you’re giving away but that black and white Becky Oh! one is my favorite.

  444. I read about this blog on
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  445. Yikes, I forgot to tell you about my favorite prizes – I ADORE the bag from Faite Designs, and the bag from IMOOI! I also love the soap from Boh Bon Soap Co. Incredible options, wonderful contest.

    I think I will have to post about this on my blog as well.

  446. Hi there..
    I read about this on…
    Love it!!!!

  447. Saw this contest on clicketyclak’s web blog. What wonderful prizes. Hope I’m lucky!

  448. OK. I decided to pop over again. I STILL can’t make up my mind if I want to win first or second! You have great blog and even if I don’t win, I still have it in my favy folder to drop by and check it out!~!

  449. Hey. this is such a beautiful collection of gifts. with christmas coming up i would plan to give most of them to the many people in my life that make me want to give up such lovely treasures. i read about this contest on and i’ve posted about it on my

    facebook page here
    blog here

    i hope i win!!

  450. I have added a link to you and mentioned the sponsor I like the most. It is in Danish, though, but I have a Google Translate box on my blog.

  451. The handbags look delicious!

  452. I read about the contest at: So many nice things. I most certainly thinks the starving artist bazaar have some beautiful jewelry.

  453. I read about the contest on Catherine Chandler This is a great contest to win just before Christmas. May I can say Merry Christmas to ME.

  454. I read about the contest on All of the items are great but I think my favorite are the books from chronicle books.

  455. I read about this contest on

    What a great giveaway!

  456. Ginny from My Creative Life posted ya here:

    From Imooi, I love the design of the black Kimono bag!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  457. Jill over at Inside My Sewing Box mentioned your giveaway

    she mentioned the cool bags at Faite Designs and I admit, the Confidence one looks pretty good, but there are lots more I’d love to design as well!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  458. So I headed over to the Thicket and saw she also mentioned you here:

    mau studios had some really cute heart earstuds over there!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  459. Kathleen told me about her love of the Faite bags as well here:

    I also think the Flirty from Faite Designs is pretty cute!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  460. Becky mentioned you as well, geez everyone wants to get in on this swag!

    Faite Designs has a great little wristlet called Heavenly that would be perfect for just a few things!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  461. Lorri from Artivity happened to make a brief post about this cool giveaway here:

    the Be-loved one print from the Happygirl Shop is really cute!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  462. Cindy from Imagine, Dream, Create blogged about your giveaway

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

    who also likes the be mine earstuds from Mau Studios

  463. well heck, they are even talking bout you guys over at the camp!

    I had to check out exlibris anonymous and can you believe I found a TRIXIE BELDEN book there! Omigosh, how that dates me, but I still have her books, and can’t believe other people remember her cool mystery stories!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  464. Bacon Pecan pie huh? Wonder if it tastes any good? Sure sounds interesting and maybe Andi over at that blog can tell us when she is finished posting about your giveaway

    I am liking the Goh Girl Olinda tees, and they have them in adult sizes too!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  465. Jess over at Treaswing mentioned you here:
    she really has her eye on something, wonder if she’ll share?
    my mom loves keychains and that kitty keychain from Karalee Designs is something that my daughter would love to give to Grammy!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  466. Inspired by Hand happened to mention you all here:

    hmmm, what about those cute little hugs and kisses earstuds from mau studio? Think if I wore them hubby would get the hint?

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  467. Julie blogs about life under the mango tree (and my husband only dreams of eating the darn things!) and of course your giveaway
    wonder if hubby would take the freshly squeezed citrus soap from the Bohbon soap Co. instead of a mango this time around?

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  468. Mrs Fatface has a few items picked out already, I’d say she was feeling lucky!

    the cherry blossom necklace in the Eden minis section of Karalee Designs is right up my alley! And I won’t have to pull a George Washington and chop down a cherry tree to get it!
    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  469. Ricki at the Etailer Review made a post here:

    I love the blue topaz droplets earrings from Kutuu

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  470. Rachel from Owls and Robins seemed pretty excited about the giveaway here:

    I would love the Mojito Gift pack for hubby from Bidwell Botanicals, I bet he’d love it too!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  471. I posted your Cornucopia Giveaway contest info on myspace blog…you can use this link & then click on my blog:

    I heard about your wonderful contest from Ricki Marking-Camuto’s site while taking part in the The Book Giveaway Carnival! at BBB(Bitten By Books)…

  472. Not sure why my first comment is showing as awaiting moderation…do I need to repost it?

  473. What a great contest! I read about it over at I love the suede bag in #2. All of the things are just so so gorgeous!

  474. I LOVE this give away! many many many fabulous eye grabbing prizes!!

  475. A French blog mentions your giveaway! I don’t speak French, but….

  476. I read about the contest on The Etailer Review:
    Thank you!

  477. Prize #1 is just like a party! Celebrate and do a happy dance, whoever is the lucky recipient….oh, the places you’ll go! Very generous giveaways…so nice!!

  478. I read a post about the Autumn Cornacopia Giveaway at My Perky heart the bags from IMOOI(Red Olga bag)and Faite(Peach handles w/a rose? print.)The Bon Bon Soap in ginger clove and bergamot mint create in me a craving to must have.The darling and chic Scarflette from Marketta New York is unique and practical.Thanks for the chance to enter such an awesome contest. Melanie

  479. What a super group of lovely things. I was just married and its good to be reading blogs about something other than wedding things. You do great work, keep being fantastic!!

  480. oh, yes I must say that I read all about it on this talented and fun

    lovely jewelry blog.

  481. That’s quite the ingenious way to run a contest, marketing-wise. Kudos! Would you mind if I borrowed that model for contests of my own?

    I heard about this contest from the indiefixx blog, but that won’t quite work, so I poked around until I found someone I read who’s posted about it:

  482. I read about this contest on cimeshadows blog

    hope i win, this one’s great!

  483. The link to her site is:

    scroll down a little bit and you will see it.

  484. I found this contest on I would Love to win this giveaway!!!

  485. I heard about the giveaway at Tons of fun stuff! I love Faite Designs bags!

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  490. I learned of this contest on the Weaver Girl Guz website ( Your items are absolutely beautiful, as are hers! Please enter me in the contest.


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  504. Carrie blogs about gluten free food, life with two young children, weaving, and other yarnie type things. She also has a shop on etsy: There is a post about this giveaway here:
    I think my favorites are the purses by Becky OH…but the soaps and the embroidery patterns are a close runner up!
    cguzzino at gmail dot com

  505. I found this giveaway posted on

  506. I read about the contest at Looks like two fabulous packages – my fav would have to be Bidwell Botanicals!


  507. I read about the contest here:

    My favorite item is the bag from IMOOI, but I would LOVE to get my hands on the books from Chronicle Books!

  508. I saw a link to this page from the website blog above. What great prizes! I plan to look more at the happy girl shop… what a cute print!
    I am definitely looking for more things for my walls , they may have what I am looking for!

  509. Found:

    Fave sponsor: Mau studio

  510. Found:

    Fave sponsor: Becky Oh!


    I thought they did a nice job talking the contest up here and giving your blog “props”. I totally enjoyed the studiojk products, especially their form simplified labels they made for kids toy storage. Functional…and, cool! – Julie

  512. I posted over at my blog about your cornucopia contest. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome prizes.

  513. I mentioned the giveaway on my facebook page. Cool stuff! I love Feto Soap.

  514. I know you can’t see me but I’m closing my eyes, clasping my hands together and wishing on a star that you’ll pick me (ok, I’ll come clean…I WOULD be wishing on a star but it is cold, rainy and foggy in my neck of the woods.) But this giveaway would go a long way to making it seem cheery and bright.

  515. Hi,

    I read about the contest on:

    She makes cute retro and fun accessories.

    My favourite sponsor is Kutuu design. I love their stuff.
    Thanks: Hajni

  516. I saw this link at Foxgloves Studio blog

    This is a great site and I’ve enjoyed visiting, now come see my spider! (I know, eeeewww!)

  517. I found a referral for the contest from glue and glitter at

    what great swag! enter me in too!

  518. I heard about the giveaway at

    Please pick me!

  519. I posted a link here:
    Mjf926 at gmail dot com

  520. I am going to link your blog to my blog and post your giveaway!

  521. Hello, I just posted about the giveaway and picked a favorite artist. :) All of the items are so fantastic!! My favorite item from Starving Artist Bazaar is the yellow wood and carrot necklace

  522. I just read about this contest on Stacy Winters blog ( ). I can’t believe I almost missed it! Beyond excited :)

  523. Oops! Forgot my favorite entrant…. probably because it’s a near impossibility… Hm, I’m going to go with the Becky Oh! Bag :) Swoon!

  524. i found out about this contest through stacey winters (and have just realised that she’s a winters and i’m a summers – cool ;)
    and i think my favourite contributor (damn hard to pick) is becky oh! her bags are to die for – and as i’m fairly certain i’d be the only bod totin’ such perfection in my little part of the uk – which is always good, right?

  525. I have mentioned this giveaway on my MySpace blog and on my blog at

  526. I read about the contest here:

    The bags are gorgeous :)

  527. Ey you guys, just posted about this:
    I read about the contest directly from your blog :)

  528. I read about it at i think my favorite sponsor is becky oh!

  529. Hi i read about the contest at all the items are very nice i like your blog too this is my firts time here :)

    Greetings from USA ;)

  530. I also read about the contest at My favorite is still the becky oh! company

  531. I saw info about the contest at as well.
    my favorites are becky oh! and faite designs.

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    my favorite sponsor would have to be bidwell botanicals

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    my favorite sponsor is bidwell botanicals

  534. wow..nice giveaway.. i read your gaveaway from gisele blog..and I’m very excited to join your contest.. feel free to visit my blog, I’m welcoming you.. d[^_^]b

  535. I forgot to include the link where I read about the giveaway..hihi..I read at gisele blog

    and my favorite participating contest sponsor is handbag from Faite Design as I am handbag maniac..hihi

  536. I saw you at Glue and GGlitter. WOw, I’m going to go find more places now that I see what the prizes are!!!
    I think my fav is the Sprout Studio, but you have SO many cool shops involved. Awesome!

  537. A post for you is at Flapper Girl.
    Another great find! Cool.
    Fav shop I must say is Sprout Studio, but it is a toss up!

  538. Found you at Katydid and Kid
    My fav is now the Studio JK wall decals. Thanks for a chance!

  539. You’re posted about at Clickety Clack blog: Fav vendor is Boh Bon Soap Company. Cheers!

  540. Catherine Chandler blogs for you at
    Great jewelry artist! My fav sponsor is Chronicle Books.

  541. Sew You Want to posts about this giveaway at:
    My fav sponsor is Sprout Studio! Neat!

  542. Lovely Lisssies Reflections is at
    My fav sponsor is Sprout Studio. THanks!

  543. Wexford Girl blogs about this at
    My favorite sponsor is Chronicle books. Thanks!

  544. come by to look at my blog~
    do appreciate that there are such lovely giveaways~
    hope to hear from you soon!
    *fingers crossed*

  545. Hello
    I read on the Giveaway in
    I love awards, I hope to get lucky
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    i’m from Argentina

  546. i love the bags of Faite Designs
    I hope win!!!!

  547. Read about the contest at:
    I think I like Bidwell Botanicals best because I love love love Shea butter products.

  548. Hi! I read your blog almost everyday, and I’m coming from to participate, wish me luck!

  549. hi!! i want to participate!! I read about the giveaway in the blog of Gabyta,
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    i hope have luck!!!

  550. I read about your give away at and I´m going to post it in my blog inmediately. What a wonderfull collections of items to give away!!!! Love them all

  551. hola a todos que lindas las carteras-soy de argentina-y me gustan coleccionar carteras.espero que me acepten en el sorteo.- les dejo un abrazo ale

  552. I just posted about the contest on twitter…

  553. I first read about your contest on Gisele’s blog…

    My fave sponsor is Faite Designs (love her bags!)…

  554. son monisimos un saludo

  555. hoooola, lei acerca del sorteo en el blog de danita.

    Hiii!, i read about give away on danita’s blog.

    It’s lovely. Maybe could i win? jajajaja Lot’s of luck for everyone.

  556. Me encantaria participar del sorteo estoy estudiando ingles pero no es muy buena por eso les escribo en castellano

  557. Hi. I blogged about your giveaway!
    Thanks for signing me up!

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    im from spain and i love your web and your products
    thank you

  559. I read about the contest on who designed my blog. I love all the crafty stuff in your shop – I’m a big fan of handmade crafts and an addict of

  560. Hello! I found a link to this contest through
    Which I found through her amazing comments at Not Martha.
    The Chronicle Books set looks absolutely amazing.

  561. I read about this giveaway on Yifot Shilo’s (aka Citizen Goose) Myspace blog. Here’s the link:

  562. Name: Lovely Lissi’s Reflections & Ruminations

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  563. Name: (Into) the Fray

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  564. Name: Kutuu the Studio Blog

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  565. Name: Craft & Found

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  566. Name: Balanced

    My favorite: Mau Studio.

  567. Name: Inside My Sewing Box

    Posted on Oct 27th.

    My favorite: Mau Studio

  568. Name: Mrsfatface

    Posted on Oct 29th.

    My favorite: Mau Studio

  569. I read about this amazing giveaway in GIsele Jaquenod’s blog ( Thank you so much for being so generous!

    And now I’m going to visit you blog deeply! ;)

  570. I read about the contest on Flappergirl. I feel even more inspired than yesterday! The prizes are dreamy.

  571. I want to participate in the lottery!
    And published it on my blog
    Thank you very much for the draw.
    Sorry for my English, use translator

    Quiero participar del sorteo!!
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    Perdon por mi ingles, uso traductor

  572. I read about your contest at Yvette’s “The Charm House” at

    I just found her tonight through Dawn of “The Feathered Nest”. I love all the people I’m meeting in blogland!

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  578. Hi!

    OH NO.It’s the last day! Hope im not too late…

    anyhow, i read about this giveaway from pulp sushi -

    My favorite sponsor is mau studio! She has such lovely stuff. Pretty well made too!

    Thanks for such a charming giveaway!

  579. Count me in!

    I learnt about the giveaway from Glue & glitter! (

    I love Berkley Illustration! The prints are so beautiful & unusual!

  580. I read about your contest on Glue and Glitter. I totally agree when she says that this is an awesome giveaway!

  581. Blog mania- told me about this!!

    Faite Designs is my fave! beautiful bags!

  582. Hi there! I hope it’s not too late to enter, because I just read about this contest here:
    I’ve been wanting a print from Berkley Illustration for a long time now! And I love that blue and red print from The Happy Shopgirl in Prize #1.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  583. I blogged about the giveaway on my blog today!

  584. ohhhh! que lindura, ojalá aún esté en tiempo de participar, tuve la suerte de enterarme a través del website de Gisele:
    es líndisimo el bolso de Faite Designs!