Indie Boutiques: Three Potato Four


Whenever I want to drool over some goods, I head on on over to Three Potato Four…that’s why I thought it would make a great installment of Indie Boutiques.

Three Potato Four is a mom & pop shop, but totally unlike that image that came to your mind when I wrote “mom & pop shop”. Started by Janet Morales & Stu Eli, who are both self-proclaimed collectors and a mom & a pop to their little tot, Three Potato Four has a delicious mix of new & old goods.  I just love the blend of vintage and new indie made stuff, which is all presented & curated with such a lovely reverence for good design.

I can’t really choose favorites from Three Potato Four, it’s more the kind of shop that I wish I could just transplant wholly into my home. But, if I were forced at gunpoint to come up with some favorites, I’d probably have to admit that I’d love one of those restored typewriters, this 50s striped picnic basket calls to me, of course the apple containers that I featured last month in the Back to School Guide should be mine, this Henry Road tote I like, like the teacups & utensils tea towels as well, plus I’d take one of each of all the stuff you see below!