Tutorial Tuesday: Doily Produce Bags


In keeping with the the Vintage Week theme and since I’m going to the apple orchard every week now, I thought I’d share this tutorial with you for making a produce bag from re-purposed doilies and fabric from scrumdillydilly. Of course, you should use vintage doilies and fabric!



  1. I am in the process of finding some vintage doilies to make these for myself. I can’t believe how cute these are. I just made myself a bunc of reusable grocery sacks and want some equally cute produce bags. These would also make great beach bags, if they were big enough. The sand would just fall right off you flip flops and toys and such. I’m thinking white doilies tie died would be the best look. My creative bug has bit me again. When it does my mind goes off like a jet plane. Got to go to the antique stores this weekend. Or maby the flea market.

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