Indie Fixx Galleria Shop Spotlight


The Indie Fixx Galleria is a juried showcase of indie shops that I curate each month. Each week, I like share some of the shops from the current month’s Galleria with you. You can read more about the mission of the Galleria here.

This week’s highlighted shops include:

Bijougirl Designs –  “bi-jou: [bee’zhoo’] an intricately designed piece of delicate workmanship.” Designed by Amanda Conley, Bijougirl Designs are silversmithed whimsical delights.  All the components to my finished pieces are made completely by hand.

Eclectic Eccentricity – a vibrant collection of vintage and contemporary jewellery, which combines Lucy Averill’s love for unique and varied pieces with a hefty dose of fun. The collections are as different as the name, which happens to combine two of Lucy’s favourite words in the English language. From the shabby to the chic, Eclectic Eccentricity continually updates its range with new and exciting pieces.


benconservato – Emma Kidd is an Australian artist, living in the North of France. Her original studies were focused on photography and printmaking, but now she describes herself as an illustrator, printmaker, painter & photographer.


June Shin – June Shin’s designs tend to be delicate and elegant and to balance upon that gossamer line between contemporary and timeless design. While she is inspired by current fashion, she is continually on the lookout for ways to go beyond trendiness and veer to the classic.


Tedda Hughes – Tedda Hughes aims to offer something other than the same old schmisney for you and your little one while being culturally conscious and socially inclusive. Best value for adorable babylegs, dresses, one of a kind dolls, indie tutus for kids and adults of all sizes, hoodies, fabulous pettiskirts, the coolest capes ever with more added all the time.


Call for submissions for the 2 month Holiday Indie Fixx Galleria!

If you are an independent artist, designer, crafter or shop that carries indie products and would like to take part in the 2 month Holiday Galleria, just send me an email to apply or to get more info. The deadline to apply is October 15th.