I’m all abuzz win the newz: win an ‘Edith’ bag from Queen Bee Creations


It’s another weekly contest! Periodically on Indie Fixx, I invite an indie shop that I admire to participate in a feature and weekly giveaway.  Last week I gave away a $40 gift certificate to Harrilu, before that it was a stone&honey necklace and before that the prize was a Freshie & Zero bracelet. This week, I’ve invited Queen Bee Creations to sponsor a contest!

Some of you may remember, back in July, I interviewed Rebecca Pearcy, the designer behind Queen Bee, for Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx. And if so, then you are already familiar with Queen Bee’s fashionably functional line of bags, wallets, and accessories (and baby stuff too). Designing and creating since 1996, Rebecca started Queen Bee in her bedroom and now employs over 12 people in her design studio in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been a fan of Queen Bee so long I can’t even remember how I first heard about Rebecca and her designs. My favorites include the classic vinyl totes and the new sustainable fabric line.

You can share your favorite Queen Bee creations and be entered into the drawing to win the new Edith Bag!  Debuting today, Edith is a made from a beautiful and sturdy felted wool, composed of scraps left over from textile mills. It is strong, biodegradable, renewable & water resistant. With a great tote size and shape, the Edith has a slight feeling of yesteryear with classic lines and hardware.

How to win an Edith Bag from Queen Bee Creations:

Leave a comment on this post below with your favorite design or designs from Queen Bee Creations (& Chickpea Baby). Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a separate comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 5 Queen Bee Creations’ favorites, then leave 5 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning!

One random commenter will be chosen to win the prize and the contest will end Friday, October 3rd at 11:59 pm EST.

**Congrats to happykatie who won the Harrilu Twitter contest.**


457 thoughts on “I’m all abuzz win the newz: win an ‘Edith’ bag from Queen Bee Creations

  1. The Wake”n”Bake Apron is so cute! (Yes, I really wear an apron when I am working in the kitchen!)

  2. My very favorite is the one I already have – an oragne wallet with a blue bird on it. I’ve gotten lots and lots of compliments. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. I really love the Large Sprout on Recycled Wool – Laptop Jetpack. It is made from recycled materials It has a lovely design and it could be used as more than just a laptop bag. I simnply love it.

  4. My daughter says I need to dress younger, etc. (I’m in my 50’s), so I think the Maple print one, as fall is my favorite season.

  5. Hi,I love the Branch large tote in plum.I would be the envy of all the women that I work with if I win.Marcia

  6. laptop jet pack! wonderful idea and so much cuteness! a day without cuteness is a like without . . . sunshine! big hug.

  7. argyle – maximo wallet. queen bee is full of inspiration and talent. it is hard to just pick one item for my wish list! big hug.

  8. kyoto minimo wallet! another darling item from queen bee creations. just the right size for your necessary stuff. big hug.

  9. the printed sadie bag is too adorable! i am truly inspired by the choices of color and design. a girl must have one of these wonderful purses. big hug.

  10. love that bag! i can already see myself carrying it filled with my shopping list for more from queen bee creations! big hug.

  11. Greetings! I adore the “Epoch” with adjustable strap-Large Rita! Wonderful giveaway contest drawing. Thanks, Cindi

  12. I am trying to go green, so the Burnside – Mesh Banner – Market Tote would be a great recycled reusable bag!

  13. I am thinking that the Sprout with Adjustable Strap – Large Rita would be an awesome alternative to a briefcase!

  14. Hello! I adore the Sprout with Fleather
    Strap-Large Rita! Please enter me in your wonderful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  15. I also love the Sugarbush – Hip Holster. Although I’d rather wear it as a “hipster,” I just love the design and colors of this one.

  16. The Ice Ice Baby Blue – Mesh Banner – Market Tote is great, and much more stylish than the typical cloth grocery bags!

  17. I need a new laptop bag, and I adore the Large Lotus – Fleather Laptop Jetpack. It’s too cute—and functional too!

  18. I love the “green” bags made with sustainable fabrics. My favorite is probably the Small – Gull Print – Sadie Bag!

  19. The ‘large flock’ re-wool laptop jetpack is my favorite for laptops. I’m getting a laptop soon so I hope it is lucky enough to be outfitted so beautifully 🙂

  20. The Flock – Hip Holster would be perfect for when I’m running out of the house quickly . . . without my kids and all the “stuff” they require.

  21. Wouldn’t I look stylish carrying my groceries in the Ice Ice Baby Blue – Mesh Banner – Market Tote. Though with the number of groceries I buy I might need just a few more than one! :o)

  22. I think I could probably fill up your site with the list of bags I love from Queen Bee Creations. First . . .Sprout – Edith Tote in gray

  23. I love the laptop bags for my granddaughter in college. My favorite is Large Cluster.
    This is a great giveaway

  24. I truly adore the velocity hip holster-generally, I am an antifannypack kind of gal but my mom wears them and I have to resist nagging her about how lame it looks-perhaps if I got her the cool velocity hip holster, or other hip bags made by Queen Bee I wouldn’t wince at her stylings and she would be the hippest fannypack wearing 64 year old in syracuse, ny!!!

  25. I have been a long time lover of the Queen Bee line. My absolute favorite, and the only wallet that I have used for years is the Maximo wallet. I am on my second one, and it is about time to get a new one. I have my eye on the Kyoto.

  26. Here is my favorite non-purse: Snippet – Card Case. When I dont want to carry a purse, I use a small card fold that holds my money, credit card and drivers license and it fits in my back pocket. But this one is so much more stylish. Super cute!

  27. I love the Argyle in Fleather – Just in Case. Definitely a top pick/favorite. I live by small bags that organize my larger purse.

  28. …and if I could afford it – I would buy the Bloom Felt Pin in every colour. A very fun way to add some pizazz to your outfit and cheer you up!

  29. Although, I love the Large – Gull Print – Sadie Bag, almost as much as the alice bag. You must be wondering if these are really all favorites, and they are!! I wish I could take them all home with me (my bank account wouldn’t let me).

  30. I found my favorite travel bag! The Large Sprout – Fleather Laptop Jetpack. Really cool, and so needed. Our laptop never seems to fit well into our existing carry-on bags, and gets crammed in with a bunch of other items – probably not good.

  31. The Large – Maple Print – Sadie Bag is super cute. I love it! Just the right size for all the stuff I lug around and adorable enough everyone will point out the pattern (and not the bulk!)

  32. The recycled bags are where it’s at. I’m loving the large sprout bag and might need it to complete my fall wardrobe!

  33. The Poppy – Truckette is my favorite ‘out and about’ bag. Really cute as a black go-with-everything color, and then a pop of red.

  34. As soon as I saw the pic of the green “Sprout” bag, I knew I would like it best! After going over the treasure trove of other photos of bags, I still maintain that it is my favorite. What a fabulous bag that would be to transition from winter to spring.

  35. If the posts aren’t enough, can I bribe you to name me the winner? I’ll plaster something about both Indie Fixx and Queen Bee Creations in my October e-newsletter to seeMOMMYrun.com members!!!!! They would LOVE the diaper bags! Puh-lease!!!!

  36. I’ve been sucked in, I could shop at this store all day! I have too many favorites… the Chirp – Trucker would be so fantastic as my work bag with pizazz.

  37. i am about to give birth to a lil chickpea and i love the t-shirt designs, especially the daydream doggie. perfect for lil henry.

  38. I would actually love to have the Flock – Trucker as a diaper bag. It’s a diaper bag you can tuck a lot into and then hang on the stroller, and look cool. Awesome.

  39. The EDITH TOTE “sprout” is one of those bags that you don’t want to put down! It does remind me of a modern version of something Edith Bunker from “All in the Family” would have carried clutched under her flappy arm! Then knocked old Archie in the head with it (if she had the nerve). Man, what a cool bag!!! Man, what an awful show!

  40. Hello beauty… when I want a shot of color, another favorite bag is the Sprout with Fleather Strap – Large Rita. So cute.

  41. oh man I loved the Queen Bee creations line of bags with old vinyl records in them. I got one for my birthday a couple years ago bought at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX. But three weeks later it was stolen from me on a train in Manchester. 🙁 Then when I went back home to Austin that summer Waterloo said they didn’t carry them anymore and I wasn’t able to find them on the QB website 🙁 🙁 *cries*
    Right now my favorite item on their site is probably the Chirp trucker messenger bag http://www.queenbee-creations.com/items/118

  42. The first bag that caught my eye when I clicked on the link from your subscriber email was the Edith bag!! I love it. I’m so excited it’s the giveaway bag. Thanks for the chance to win it. It’s lovely!

  43. THE TRUCKER!!! When I was in junior high school my best friend’s dad was a trucker. He parked his big rig out in front of their house and we played for hours on his CB radio in that dang truck! We then decided to go to clown school (yes, we graduated). And so started my job hopping!

    At any rate, the TRUCKER “chirp” makes my heart happy.

  44. I could definitely use one of those laptop cases. I’m getting my very first laptop soon and I’ve been hunting around for adorable cases. The Large Olive Twist looks perfect. 🙂

  45. It is so wonderful to see materials be reused and given a new life…the colors in these totes are super ~ Knotical – Solid Banner – Market Tote

  46. I love the entire Chirp collection – the little birds are so cute! The large wallet (in orange) is the most adorable thing.

  47. I’m so in love with the Popy Diaperbag! My friend’s pregnant and looking for a diaperbag that dosen’t look like one, I think she just got her wish!


  48. Besides ADORING the Edith bag that is up for grabs I am wishing I had a laptop so I could scoop up a repurposed signage bag (Large Olive Twist – Banner Laptop Jetpack).
    Now I’m going to dive back in to her lovely site!

  49. I have been a fan of Queen Bee for a number of years. When I was in high school, I ordered a comic book belt. After graduating I put on a number of pounds, and could not fit into it. Well, after 8 years of talking about eating better and losing weight, I finally made a commitment and lost the 35 pounds I had put on. Now, I can finally wear the belt. I cannot believe I still have it, but it has held up well!

  50. The Chirp wallet in orange and blue is so bright and cheerful. It would be super easy to spot inside a bag. So cute!

  51. The Snippet card case in Mercury and Black is adorable. I love the bright pink interior. Great color combination.

  52. The Large Rita Epoch in brown and orange is beautiful. I’ve been looking for a nice bag in brown for a long time! It’s the perfect size for books and notebooks.

  53. I love the masculine wool combined with the sleek feminine curves of the Edith bag. And the pop of the green leaves!

  54. I have to have the one with a bicycle on it! I’ve been an avid long-distance cyclist for over 22 years and love anything with a bicycle!!!

  55. I love queen bee creations! I have a pink wallet of hers with a cute bird on it, and I swear, without fail, I get compliments on it about twice a week.

  56. I have an old Queen Bee creation and it is still my favorite. She used to make wallets with comics in them and I have a wonder woman one that I love to bits. I got it in college and it never ceases to make me feel like a wonder woman too!

  57. I love the Sprout with the adjustable strap- small Rita in brown! That would be my next purchase. I already own the truckette in 2 different styles and wallet.

  58. I own a small tote and, as of last week, a small rita tote (sprout with fleather strap). Oh – and a coin purse. Obviously, I love Queen Bee and have been a fan for years.

  59. I love Queen Bee Creations! I have the Trucker, a Hip Holster, a Minimo wallet, and a small zipper case/key ring. They are all awesome, but I think the Minimo has the most clever design. You can snap it over your belt – instant hip case!

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