Guest Blog: An Indie Makers Sentimental Art Collection by Little Flower Designs


Linda Johnson from Little Flower Designs is giving us a sneak peak of her home today and sharing some of her art collection, which includes a lot of indie artists, of course.  I’ve been a fan of Linda’s pottery for years now, ever since I first discovered her at the very first ever Art Star Craft Bazaar.  It’a always fascinating to me to see inside the homes of the indie artists, crafters and designers I admire…I’m assuming you feel the same way. 😉

by guest contributor Linda Johnson of Little Flower Designs

As a handmaker I have a love of process and appreciate seeing that in others work. My collection of small art focus’s on the intricacies that go into the making; a series of lines, washes of color, the registration of a screen print, all of these elements draw me in and make each piece special. I’ve purchased pieces at art shows, some from street artists, quite a bit online and then some trading with other makers. I also dabble in wee art making, something I’ve done since my transient days back in college when I moved each year. Now that I’m settled into my suburban cottage, I love having these treasures to inspire and remind me of all the places I’ve been. My collection is slowly making it’s way onto my walls and shelves, helping to define my homes’ style!


I love displaying work in groups, the significance is not the relationship to each other but how I relate to the group. It is my home, so it is a personal display for me to enjoy. The first group is in my dining room, those green walls were a bit intimidating to put the first hook into but when my friend Sue sent me 2 paintings of my beagles Healy and Marley,  I had no choice but to hang them on the freshly painted walls! Once the paintings were up on the wall the layout began to take shape. Going counter clockwise from the bottom left, I included a small water color I did years ago, a landscape done from the porch of a friends mountain home, which is one of my favorite places to go for a little tranquility. Next is a print by artist Amy Rice, I just love her work, there is something about the quietness that draws me in. The next print is by Briana Feola who was a fellow maker at the Art For the Cash Poor show last June, after looking at her work for 2 days I couldn’t resist coming home with a little something flowery!

Moving over to the bird on music paper, another by Amy Rice, but this one is a gocco print I bought at Art Star, I must have looked at this and a few others like it for an hour before deciding which one was just right. I love that you can see the handmade-ness of it, the registration in the print isn’t perfect but to me this is charming. Next is a print by Mexican illustrator Genine who I found on flickr. I didn’t know how popular she was or even notice that she was from Mexico, I saw the print and quickly clicked onto her Etsy to order! I was quite taken with it! The pink polka dot print is by Kathy of illegible ink, who was across from me when I did the Pile of Craft show in Baltimore, her block printed cards and prints caught my eye, I only have one print on my wall (so far) but have a stack of cards and a few prints waiting for frames. Next is an etching by Val Lucas of Bower Box. Her black and white etching is beautiful, I just love etchings and rarely see this process at shows. So when I noticed this one in her display I quickly purchased it!


I also wanted to share this lovely gem of a print, by Stephanie Harvey  titled “I don’t get enough sleep” I came across this print at a show and fell in love with it instantly but when I looked closer and saw the metallic inks, I swooned then threw down my money before anyone else could beat me to it! I knew my mister would love the metallic too!


Here is a small vignette in my bathroom! A lovely saucer by fellow potter Whitney Smith, I use it to hold jewelry and other odds and ends. The carved fish on the rock is by my dad, who doesn’t claim to be an artist but he’s always making things and how clever is he wth that rock?? The bottle vase I made and is new for 2008, I tend to keep my samples around the house and this one ended up in the bath room! It helps me decide how I truly feel about them.


Also in the bathroom are 2 tiles by Parran Collery of Eartha Handmade Tile. I met Parran years ago at a workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Arts, she gifted me the bottom tile, then I rescued the top one from a gallery that didn’t have it displayed properly (yes I paid for it!) Parran uses the best glazes and they’re all her own top secret recipes!


Moving into my office I have a very calm collection of prints and more of my watercolors. Starting from the bottom left, I have a print from Ashley G. that I believe I bought when she first joined Etsy, before she became famous! I love the detail in the tree bark and and sweetness of the little guy waving! Above the print is a shadow box by Leya of , if you look closely you can see the trees and clouds are stitched together, I love little details like this. The 3 watercolors in the center were done by me a long time ago. Mostly inspired by dreaming and traveling, the shapes hint at boats and the waters edge, however the middle one also has a swing set! The next big print is by Camilla Engman , who I am a huge fan of. This is her “Queen of Hearts” print from an edition of 30, I feel pretty lucky to have this one and will be checking out Art Star for her upcoming show. Below the Camilla Engman print is a carved wood assemblage by my dad, and then one of my illustrated bird tags. The tags are something I mainly do for myself when I need to test colors or take a break from the day-to-day.


In the kitchen are 2 of my favorite little water colors. I bought them from artist John Broderick Heron on the street during a first friday in Philadelphia. He was painting them and setting them out for sale. He also gave me his handmade business card with the tiniest print! I love a little humor in art and John hit’s it just right with his wee paintings.

As a lover wee things, a small art collection is a fun way to decorate my home, the works are souvenir’s of the artist’s I meet and admire. They create interest and conversation when hung together. They also represent me and how I love so many things, the small size allows me to hang it all up and not have to settle on one large piece!

About the contributor: Linda Johnson is a maker and designer of nature inspired pottery. You can see her pottery at her website and also at her blog.

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  • September 30, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    aha! i painted my bathroom that exact color:) makes me happy to see it elsewhere.

  • September 29, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    No unfortunately, I don’t have any contact info for John Broderick Meron.

    Maybe Linda will know of some way to find him.

  • September 29, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Could you please tell me how to contact John Broderick Meron? I couldn’t find any information on him.

    Thanks for the great post. I love seeing all your beautiful art.


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