second storie } indie market: call for enteries


I’ve only ever been to Rochester, New York once, but I really liked it.  I was visiting for a digital image preservation seminar at the Kodak Eastman House in my previous life as an archivist. In my spare time, I walked around Rochester and felt very much at home, since it’s a college town too. I’m sure in the years since I’ve visited, Rochester has gotten even better and I would love to go back for a another visit.

Maybe I will visit in November and time my visit around the second storie } indie market (November 29th & 30th). Second storie is Rochester’s answer to the growing independent art + craft movement and is a collaboration of 6 individuals.  Looking to bring an edgier art + craft to their thriving creative community, they are planning their 3rd event, which will include indie shopping, music, giveaways and craftivism projects.

Call for entries: If you are an indie artist, crafter or designer, apply here for the second storie } indie market. The application period ends October 27th.

Members of second storie include:

Rachael Hetzel, Pistachio Press
Karen Stocks, infiknit
Nicole Lecht, freshly blended
Shelly Bronson, french press
Shanna Murray, Two Trees
JoAnn McGranahan
Cris Sasso

Selected goodies from second storie members:

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