Best of Indie Bath & Body: Hair Care, Body Wash & Speciality Soap

Best Indie Hair Care Winner!


mi SPA’s Everyday Conditioner – Paraben-free and made from natural ingredients this is just what my beleaguered summer hair needed. I’ve been trying to go all-natural with my hair care after reading about how regular hair care products strip your hair of its natural oils, this conditioner was just what I was looking for. I sampled Grass Patch, but Sweet Orange sounds delish too.

Best Body Wash/Soap Alternative Winner!


Bobe Bath Mouse –  A whipped moisturizing concoction, Bobe’s Bath Mouse was a real delight to use.  Soft and light, I used it to shave my legs with excellent results. I tried Blueberry Pop, but it’s available in almost a million scents.  Milk & Honey, Miss Figgy and Nilla Sandalwood sound just fantastic.

Best Speciality Soap Winner!


Red Leaf Soap & Shave Cube– This is the best saving soap I’ve tried by far. Made with a mix of glycerin and coconut oil, it lathers well and has a really nice consistency for shaving…sort of like a lotion, but nice and soapy. I recommend getting the holder to keep your cube nice & dry between use. It’s available in scents that appeal to both guys and girls.

Specialty Soap Honorable mention:

Boh Bon Soap – shave soap

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