Saffron Marigolds


I recently bought some new curtains for my living room from Ikea and I wish I had known about Saffron Marigold before I did. Saffron Marigold offers independently designed & handmade Indian-inspired bedding & linen, which is produced by artisan owned cooperatives in India. I do think their design aesthetic fits me and my living room better than my Ikea curtains.  I will be keeping them in mind for future bedding and linen purchases though…and I’m quite sure that my cats will shred my current ones soon enough as well.


  1. I’ve been looking for curtains JUST like this. I couldn’t find them anywhere! Thanks for posting this.:)

  2. You are right about the linens from India.. they are fantastic! Have you seen their paper goods (specifically invitations)? They are simply to die for. So beautiful! If I can find some of the links to order them directly I’ll post it here. I just love your blog! I found it via stumbleupon.

  3. You know the thing is, I spent about $65 for my Ikea curtains and the ones I like from Saffron Marigold would only be about $90. A difference, but not that big of one to get something I really like, instead of just something to cover my windows. Oh well, next time around.

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