Handmade Kids Sweepstakes at Etsy


Renee from Wolfie and the Sneak wrote to tell me about the Handmade Kids Sweepstakes over at Etsy that she’s participating in.  You can vote for your favorite Etsy kid’s stuff and enter to win one of fourteen $350 Etsy shopping sprees. Vote Here!

If you want to vote for Renee, her section is here. Each of the participants have a chance to win a $200 shopping spree if they win their categories.


  1. I entered and there is some gorgous stuff there. Just opened my own shop and I can’t wait to jump into the groups and forums. The prize amount went up to $350 I believe

  2. Aw! Thanks for mentioning the contest (and me!)–the prizes are awesome, and could definitely help the wallet around the holidays!

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