Tutorial Tuesday: Celebrate a special day with newspaper bunting!


I have a birthday for a very special person coming up and I think this newspaper garland is just the thing I need to help make the celebration more festive.  From maya*made.


Newspaper Garland from maya*made


1. newspaper
2. scissors
3. inexpensive acrylic craft paint in assorted colors
4. pencil
5. paint brush
6. paper cutter(optional)
7. glue stick
8. scrapbook letters
9. ribbon or twine
10. ruler


1. Take a small stack of folded newspaper (containing no more than three sheets ) and measure 6 inches along the fold line: mark with a pencil. This is your width.

2. Measure 8 inches down…this is your length. Now find the center, which will be your bunting point, at 3 inches from the side. Mark this point and connect the dots to find your triangle.

3. Cut on the lines and use this first set of triangles as your template for the rest. Newspaper is not folded evenly all the time. You may need to tidy up some of the sides…a paper cutter makes fast and straight cuts.

4. Unfold your triangles…into diamonds and lay them out in an assembly line on a good work surface. I began outside on an oilcloth, because it’s so easy to clean-up. The wind forced me inside… brown craft paper or more newspaper are essential for protecting your table or floor.



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