Guest Blog: Indie City Guides: Atlanta by Supercute Day#2

by guest contributors Supercute!

It’s Day #2 if the Atlanta Indie City Guide by the ladies behind Supercute!  Supercute! is a collaboration of  three independent artists: LorigamiLizerati & Becky of Glue&Glitter. Becky, Lori & Liz also joined forces to put together an Indie City Guide for their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Today, they are sharing Day #2 of their Guide—you can read Day #1 here.

If you are interested in writing an Indie City Guide or sharing what is indie happening about your city, then shoot me an email.


East Atlanta
East Atlanta is a great little corner of the city, mostly known for it’s Indie nightlife. With a handful of small clubs and some great little corner bars, this is where to go after dark.


Probably one of it’s best known establishments is the E.A.R.L. . Bands are in the back room, which has a low stage and only holds about 300 people. There’s a really intimate environment here, great for the non-corporate indie bands they are so great at booking. The EARL is one of the last mid-sized venues in this city and is a must-stop for anyone truly into the Indie music scene. They’ve also got a great menu with a full bar, and they serve late. There are even a couple vegan dishes on the menu, in addition to one of the best burgers in the city, so there’s a little something for everyone.

E.A.R.L. / 488 Flat Shoals Ave SE / Atlanta, GA 30316 / (404) 522-3950

Echo Lounge
While we’re on the subject of music, another great Atlanta venue is re-opening soon in East Atlanta. Some people may remember the legendary Echo Lounge, which sadly closed it’s doors a number of years ago. Well, new owners have been busy bees reinventing that venue, and promise to reopen any day now, bringing back another mid-sized venue with great sound and a dedication to the Indie Music scene.

EastSide Lounge

Another of East Atlanta’s after-hours treasures is the legendary EastSide Lounge. Tucked away behind a wall of stainless steel is a fabulous little venue where you can grab a drink, view one of the ever-rotating art shows, then head upstairs to dance to some of Atlanta’s best indie DJ’s. The new owner has been a staunch supporter of the local art scene, opening his walls to rotating monthly shows for artists of all kinds. From graffiti to photography to metal sculpture, there’s always something going on here. Once a month you can even grab a drink and make your own art at Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School with a rotating cast of amazing live models.

EastSide Lounge / 485 Flat Shoals Ave SE / Atlanta, GA 30316 / (404) 521-9666

‘Bound To Be Read’

After all that partying, are you looking for something a little more intellectual? Well, locally-owned bookstore ‘Bound To Be Read’ features new and used books, and even holds several monthly reading clubs, and a salon with themes ranging from Homesteading to their Scandalous Book Club. All are hosted by the most well-read cat in East Atlanta, Kona. Treats appreciated, but not required.

‘Bound To Be Read’ / 481 Flat Shoals Ave SE / Atlanta, GA 30316 / (404) 522-0877


Located just east of Atlanta, Decatur is a world of its own. Populated by cute neighborhoods, indie shops and local restaurants, Decatur is also home to Agnes Scott college and Emory University. The Square is easily worth a full day of your time, or even the entire weekend!

McDonough Street Market

Sister to the lovely Irwin Street Market, Decatur has it’s own McDonough Street Market. Slightly smaller, but equally charming, this market again houses a Jake’s Ice Cream, along with the works of several local craftspeople, vintage clothing and antiques. There’s also a florist shop, and even a place to get your pet’s portrait painted by a local artist!

McDonough Street Market / 515 N. McDonough Street / Decatur, GA 30030

Emile Baran

While you’re wandering, you have to pop by Emile Baran’s music shop, on Clairemont Avenue. Even if you don’t play, you can’t help but appreciate the beautiful workmanship of these handmade stringed instruments. Founded over 50 years ago by the son of a swing band player and trumpeter, Emil hires skilled artisans who not only repair intruments on the premises, but craft exquisite new ones, keeping an old art quite alive for a younger set. Next door, you’ll find a selection of all sorts of band instruments, catering to the student and aspiring Benny Goodman.

Emile Baran / 113 Clairemont Ave / Decatur, GA 30030 / (404) 377-3419

By Hand South

Featuring beautiful and unique crafts from local and national artists, By Hand South was founded in the late 80s by two sisters. After a move from a side street in 1995, By Hand South sits in the middle of the Decatur Square. There’s a broad range of items, from beautiful jewelry and glass pieces to wooden puzzle boxes and toys. It’s a great spot for unique gifts and they’ll even wrap them for you.

By Hand South112 E. Ponce de Leon Ave. / Decatur, GA 30030 / 404-378-0118

Blue Moon Designs, Inc.

Blue Moon is a funky house just off the main square in Decatur. Antiqued birdhouses decorate the porch (along with tons of other cool things) and the inside is stuffed with a variety of handmade and commercial goods. It’s fun to explore – as an old house, you can wander from room to room and find surprises in every corner!

Blue Moon Designs, Inc. / 418 Church St / Decatur, GA 30030 / (404) 378-1114

Squash Blossom Boutique

The mother and daughter pair of Ettie Wurtzel and Talia Wurtzel Blanchard host an exciting array of clothing and accessories in the Squash Blossom Boutique. One of the best things about walking in is that the clothes are arranged by color! You can make a beeline for your favorite to see what they have to offer. Local jewelry, a nice shoe selection, and a kids area round out this comfortable yet stylish space.

Squash Blossom Boutique / 113 East Court Square / Decatur, GA 30030 / (404) 373-1864

Java Monkey

With organic coffee, a wine bar, a stage that hosts local acts, comfy chairs inside, and a lovely patio outside, Java Monkey is the best place to rest and refuel after a day of wandering around and shopping in Decatur. Check out the board near the door for fliers and signs for all kinds of activities around town. Also suggested: have some lunch! The menu is small but delicious and they have dessert too!
Java Monkey / 205 E Ponce De Leon Ave / Decatur, GA 30030 / (404) 378-1852

Vivid Boutique

Vivid is a new addition to Decatur and it couldn’t be cuter! Christina Muir is not only the owner, but creates lovely jewelry featured in the store. This is the perfect spot to pick up a gift for a friend without breaking the bank. You can find paper goods, handbags, candles, and a whole host of quirky items – something for everyone.
Vivid Boutique / 133 East Court Square / Decatur, GA 30030 / 404-371-5181

Brick Store Pub

With hundreds of beers to choose from (no, seriously), the Brick Store Pub opened in 1997. Popular not just in Decatur, folks from all over Atlanta head to the Brick Store to grab dinner, have a beer, and relax. The food is not typical bar faire – it is well worth stopping by just for a meal, but if you’re going to be there anyway, why not have a beer or something off the amazing scotch menu?

Brick Store Pub / 125 E. Court Square / Decatur, GA 30030 / 404-687-0990

Push Push Theatre
Push Push relocated to Decatur in 2003 and has been thriving ever since. From their mission statement: PushPush, an award-winning theater dedicated to the development performing artists, aims to be a force in cultural progression by supporting and providing artistic and cultural development and offering the outcomes to the community through a wide range of innovative programming. The end result is a fantastic range of worthwhile performances for all different audiences and age ranges!

Push Push Theater / 121 New Street, #4 / Decatur, GA 300

About the contributors: You’ve heard of Superbad? Well now, it’s time to learn about Supercute!  Supercute! is a collaboration between three independent artists who believe that a kinder, happier, sustainable world is possible with just a little optimism and a whole lot of cuteness.  Lorigami is a self-employed artist and crafter living in a tiny house in Atlanta with her husband and entirely too many cats. When she’s not working on a renovation project, she likes to make pretty things out of vintage, found and recycled materials. Lizerati makes makes beautiful art pendants using found objects. She’s currently living in Atlanta, GA where she loves the craft scene but hates the deadly heat of the summer.  Becky Striepe of Glue&Glitter loves turning found and vintage materials into something cute and new. She hopes that the things she makes help folks see that reducing their ecological footprints is not just possible but fun!