Guest Blog: Indie City Guides: Atlanta by Supercute Day#1

by guest contributor Supercute!

You’ve heard of Superbad? Well now, it’s time to learn about Supercute!  Supercute! is a collaboration between three independent artists: LorigamiLizerati & Becky of Glue&Glitter. These super talented crafty girls joined forces to help promote their individual crafty endeavors and to promote the idea that a kinder, happier, sustainable world is possible with just a little optimism and a whole lot of cuteness. 

In their spare time from promoting cute, Becky, Lori & Liz also teamed up to put together an Indie City Guide for their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Today, they are sharing the Poncey Highland area with you and tomorrow, they will share both East Atlanta and Decatur, GA. Enjoy!  I know I sure want to take a trip to Atlanta after reading their Guide!

If you are interested in writing an Indie City Guide or sharing what is indie happening about your city, then shoot me an email.


Poncey Highlands
The Poncey Highland area is right in the middle of the city and one of the most walkable areas of town according to! Once you’re there, it’s just a few minutes on foot to lots of great independent bars, restaurants, shops and galleries.

Youngblood Gallery and Boutique
In 1997, Maggie and Kelly did an open call around the city for artists to show work at their house in the West End. They got a huge response and hosted art shows there for a couple years before getting a permanent space in Grant Park. In January of 2003, they opened their boutique and gallery! Ten years later, they’ve re-located to a great new spot right in the heart of the Poncey Highland area. Youngblood’s shop features art by independent artists and crafters. They also open a new exhibit in their gallery space on the first Saturday of each month.

Youngblood Gallery and Boutique / 636 N Highland Ave / Atlanta, GA 30306 / (404)254-4127

Atlanta Cupcake Factory
Jamie Fahey launched a specialty order cupcake company out of her kitchen in February of 2007, and it grew and grew! By July, she was ready to open a storefront in Highland Row where the public could try her amazing cupcakes, and we couldn’t be more happy that she did! They were voted Best of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine this past December. You can pick up just one little cupcake or order in bulk, and these are no ordinary cupcakes! The Atlanta Cupcake Factory features cool, creative flavors like Chocolate Bailey’s, Brown Sugar Banana and Pumpkin Pie.

Atlanta Cupcake Factory / 624 N Highland Ave NE / Atlanta GA 30306 / (678)358-9195

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant
On the same block as Youngblood Gallery and The Atlanta Cupcake Factory, you’ll find Soul Vegetarian Restaurant. Their 100% vegan menu is full of amazing soul food like macaroni and cheese, eggless salad and collard greens. Vegan macaroni and cheese? Yes! And it’s so good! Even if you don’t eat vegan, this place is completely worth a visit! Appetizers are all around $2 or $3, and main dishes are between $6 and $10. If you can’t decide what to get, we recommend the eggless salad sandwich or the pocket gyro. Delicious!

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant / 652 N Highland Ave NE / Atlanta, GA 30306 / (404)875-4641

Vacation Gallery and Boutique
Vacation had their grand opening in May of this year with a party featuring music from Black Lips! This sweet little shop and gallery hosts shows for local artists with music from indie bands and DJs. The boutique is a great place to check out some great art and pick do a little shopping for some rad clothes and gifts. Treat yourself!

Vacation Gallery and Boutique / 674A N Highland Ave NE / Atlanta,GA 30306 / (404)875-4413

Beep Beep Gallery
OK, so Beep Beep gallery is actually closer to midtown, just west of the Poncey Highland area, but we would be remiss if we didn’t give them a mention here! Beep Beep opened in January of 2006, when James McConnell, Steven Rauber and Mark Basehore started hosting art openings out of their house. After just a few shows, they relocated to a storefront on Charles Allen Drive. The gallery has openings every month that feature an emerging local artist, and their store stocks local art, music and zines.

Beep Beep Gallery / 696 Charles Allen Dr / Atlanta GA 30308 / (404)429-3320

Just down the way from the Cupcake Factory and YoungBlood Gallery lies one of the best independent video stores in the whole country. Whether it’s rare Japanese animation, a cult classic or an obscure foreign film, you can be assured that the staff has undoubtedly heard of it, and probably has it.

VideoDrome / 617 N Highland Ave NE / Atlanta, GA 30306 / (404) 885-1117

Highland Ballroom
After you’ve finished checking out all the wonderful shops in this area, you might just be looking for a little something to do with your evening. Tucked away under one of the city’s few independent hotels, the Highland Inn (a treasure in it’s own right!) is the amazing Highland Ballroom. A trip down the stone stairs is like entering another world. Depending on the night, you can be transported back to the 60’s with Fringe Factory, or even further back to an era when bathtub gin and a different kind of fringe dominated, when Syrens of the South hosts one of their monthly Burlesque shows. You just never know what you’ll find on a Saturday night.\

Highland Ballroom / 644 N Highland Ave / Atlanta, GA 30306/ (404) 874-5756

Plaza Theater
Speaking of Burlesque and Movies, you absolutely have to check out the Plaza Theater. Operating since 1939, the Plaza originally started life as a live theater. After stints as an XXX theater, a live burlesque theater, and then a dollar moviehouse, it was purchased by local residents Jonathan and Gayle Rej in August of 2006. Since then, it has been turned into one of the only truly independent movie houses left in the Southeast. If you love campy horror movies, don’t miss the monthly SilverScreamSpookShow, hosted by Blast-Off Burlesque. There’s even a family-friendly matinee!

Plaza Theater / 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE / Atlanta, GA 30306 / 404) 873-1939

Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe
Ken and Leigh named this vegan specialty shop for their favorite cat, Cosmo. While you’re there, you can check out the painting of Ken, Leigh and their kitties hanging proudly on the wall! They started out as an online store in 2005 and moved into their brick and mortar space in 2007. Cosmo’s is a mix of hard to find vegan food items, like fresh pastries from local baker The Dulce Vegan, and all sorts of cruelty-free vitamins, bath and body products, accessories and gifts! You can pop in to pick up treats for the road and peruse their reading area full of vegan cookbooks!

Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe / 672 Highland Ave NE / Atlanta, GA 30312 / (678)921-0102

Irwin Street Market

Just around the corner from Cosmos Vegan Shoppe, you’ll find the Irwin Street Market. This charming market houses several local independent businesses under one roof, including jewelry, skin care, a lovely flower stall and antiques vendors. All of this is anchored by Jake’s Ice Cream Shop, which serves a nice selection of sundries, coffees and snacks. There’s free wireless, and plenty of space to spread out and play games, or curl up on a sofa with a book from their awesome selection of freebies. It’s a great place to spend a rainy day, or just to get out of the summer heat for a few.

Irwin Street Market / 660 Irwin Street / Atlanta Ga 30312

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party
“Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay. Emergency! Come right away!” Dr. Bombay’s is a cozy little coffee and ice cream shop in Candler Park named for the lovable doctor from Bewitched. It’s the perfect place to pop in for a relaxing cup of coffee. All of their coffee and ice cream cups are compostable, and they also have used books for 50 cents! The proceeds from book sales go to benefit a local elementary school. Their ice cream selection is pretty fantastic, too, with fun flavors like ginger or green tea.

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party / 1645 Mclendon Ave NE / Atlanta GA 30307 / (404)474-1402

Donna Van Gogh’s
Back in 1994, an artist friend of Teri and Iris complained that she was sick and tired of dressing up, pulling her portfolio together and being treated terribly. It was tough for new artists in the Atlanta area, and they decided to do something about it! In August of 1994, Donna Van Gogh’s opened its doors. This local market features over 130 artists all from Georgia and is celebrating its 14th anniversary this August!

Donna Van Gogh’s / 1651 McLendon Ave NE / Atlanta, GA 30307 / (404)370-1003

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day# 2 of our Indie City Guide for Atlanta!

About the contributors: You’ve heard of Superbad? Well now, it’s time to learn about Supercute!  Supercute! is a collaboration between three independent artists who believe that a kinder, happier, sustainable world is possible with just a little optimism and a whole lot of cuteness.  Lorigami is a self-employed artist and crafter living in a tiny house in Atlanta with her husband and entirely too many cats. When she’s not working on a renovation project, she likes to make pretty things out of vintage, found and recycled materials. Lizerati makes makes beautiful art pendants using found objects. She’s currently living in Atlanta, GA where she loves the craft scene but hates the deadly heat of the summer.  Becky Striepe of Glue&Glitter loves turning found and vintage materials into something cute and new. She hopes that the things she makes help folks see that reducing their ecological footprints is not just possible but fun!


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