Tutorial Tuesday: Make your own reusable lunch bag


In keeping with the Back to School theme this week, and to piggy back on Jessica Gonacha’s Guest Blog post from yesterday, I thought I’d share this tutorial for making a reusable oilcloth lunch bag. It’s from Tumbling Blocks, but I discovered it via The Domestic Diva.

If you make one, let me know how it turns out.  I’m not making one, because I don’t actually ever leave the house for lunch and when I do, it’s to go out to lunch. 😉

Make your own reusable lunch bag from Tumbling Blocks.

You will need:

  • 1/4 yard (not fat) oilcloth. I got mine at Sew Mama Sew. Modern oilcloth is pretty much like vinyl and not oiled cloth
  • 1/4 yard thin batting
  • 1/4 yard other plastic fabric for lining. I used a shower curtain because I had it left over from making sit-upons.
  • 3.5″ piece of Velcro
  1. Cut one 7″ x 31″ rectangle from the two plastic fabrics. Cut two 4.5″ x 13″ rectangles of the two plastics. Cut the batting the same as the plastics, except make it 1/4″ smaller on all sides.
  2. For each piece, sandwich the batting between the oilcloth and the vinyl.
  3. Sew the fuzzy side of the velcro to the long piece of oilcloth so that the top of the Velcro is 3/5″ from the top edge.


  1. I am a 3rd year student from st pauls in galway. we are doing a project on climate change.would you have any ideas in how to make a reusable lunchbox

  2. Might I suggest a mathing place mat from the same oil cloth and a set of coordinating cloth napkins (one for ech day of the week?) to make it a nice gift set and keep the work desk as crumb and such free as possible?

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