Indie Boutiques: LAMA: Latin America in the Modern Age


I’m debuting a new feature today called Indie Boutiques. An indie boutique is a shop that carries the work of independent designers, artists and crafters…as opposed to shops that just carry the work of one person.  The Indie Fixx Shop is an indie boutique. I’ve already written posts like this in the past (here, here, here and here), but I’m just giving them a name now.

Today, for the Indie Boutiques debut I’d like to share LAMA with you. I discovered LAMA via an ad on Bloesem and I’m so glad that I clicked on that ad! As someone with Molas, prints from Diego Rivera and Guatemalan textiles on her walls, you can say that I have a thing for Latin art, culture and design.  In fact, I did a little dance in my chair when I read Lama’s tagline: Latin America in the Modern Age. Once I started clicking around, and I was completely hooked!

Based in California, LAMA carries items from abroad, work from Latino artists living in the US as well as other artists inspired by Latin culture. Selections include homewares, bath & bod goods, accessories, paper goods and more.  The shop is such a wonderful Latino feast for the eyes that I really had trouble choosing which goods to share with you. I finally decided on those pictured below and you will have to visit LAMA to see more for yourself!


3 Comments on “Indie Boutiques: LAMA: Latin America in the Modern Age”

  1. Oh my gosh… I LOVE the double spouted tea pots!

  2. Yeh that tea pot is pretty great!

  3. I love LAMA! btw come visit

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