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On Thursdays, I share one reader’s inspirations with you. Today’s inspirations are from Natalie Zee Drieu.  Natalie is an editor over at Craft, where she contributes to both the magazine as well as the blog, and she also has her own fashion blog called Coquette. Both are on my short list of must reads!

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With the latest issue of CRAFT vol 8, I was able to explore my love of fashion with our new series called Craft: Collection. This was a way to showcase fashion that was either DIY or made by an indie designer. The first two designers at the top of my list were featured in this Craft Collection on dresses while my final choice pays tribute to an indie designer who’s now getting nationwide attention on Project Runway Season 5.


Liza Rietz -The clothing designs by Liza Rietz are simply breathtaking. Her clean designs incorporate modern silhouettes with special details, whether it’s a simple ruffle or bubble sleeve. Each piece is so stylish and yet also looks perfectly wearable.


Ashley Rose Helvey – I am in love with Ashley Helvey’s felt dresses which are all handmade through wet felting. She chooses vintage lace and felts them into the fiber so there’s absolutely no sewing done to the dresses. I also love that she shows some of the process shots of how she makes her felt dresses on her blog. Simply beautiful!


Leanimal – I’ve been an admirer of the green eco-friendly materials used by designer Leanne Marshall of Leanimal based in Portland, OR (I wrote up her fashions in my personal blog Coquette earlier this year). Her designs are modern with a soft edge which includes her special technique of layering shapes of fabric. I was pleasantly surprised to see her as a contestant on Project Runway 5!

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Craft! I only wish it was published more often. I also love all of the new-to-me links this interview provided!

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