Guest Blog: Fashionably Indie by Victoria Everman: rose la biche

by guest contributor Victoria Everman

You says you can’t be feminine and functional? Frills and fun shapes are abound in Lucy’s collection titled Rose La Biche (“Rose The Doe” in French). After being raised in the South of France and moving to some of the world’s most beautiful cities (Paris, London, and Lisbon – just to name a few), Lucy settled in San Francisco nearly 3 years and hasn’t thought about leaving since. “SF is a city with one of the best urban-nature mix to me: you’re right in the middle of downtown and still, you’re surrounded by a breathtaking nature. I cherish this ‘duality’ a lot,” she said in a recently interview with Indie Style File.


That duality between nature and modern design shows through vibrantly in her Rose La Biche collection for women, available on Etsy. Lucy describes her frequently customers as, “a city-lover who feels intimately linked to the natural environment that inspires her.” All items are made in limited qualities. Though most of her creations are t-shirts, she also makes hoodies, long sleeve shirts and dresses. “Feminine shapes meet sober colors for a sophisticated yet low-key look,” says the Rose La Biche Etsy shop – the duality we all have been looking for.


About the contributor: Victoria Everman is an eco-writer, model, crafter, yogi and attempting locavore. Perpetually looking for fresh ways to share her unquenchable green knowledge, she writes her own blog at She will be imparting her fashion wisdom with us every other Friday on the Indie Fixx Guest Blog with her column Fashionably Indie.