I’m Inspired By…from Rachel


On Thursdays, I choose & share one reader’s inspirations with you. I love to read what inspires you all in art & life and I’m pretty sure you like to read about other reader’s inspirations too.

So, what inspires you? If you’d like to participate, all you need to do is share three things that inspire you…they can be indie designers whose work you admire, artists who inspire you to create, flickr groups you belong to that inspire you to take photos,  blogs that are every day must reads, or whatever gets your creative juices flowing and makes your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

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Today’s inspirations are from Rachel of One Pretty Thing.

The incredible diversity of craft, art and DIY talent on the internet amazes me everyday. I started my website as a showcase for DIY ideas when I realized that I was spending entire days in front of my screen entranced by blogs, photostreams and craft forums.


1.  Janick Fonetik’s Flickr stream – Lately I’ve been drooling over every photo in Janick’s Flickr stream. She has the most delicious variety of eye candy! The color combos she uses in her jewelry are amazing and her embroidered wall art makes me smile!


2.  Anna Maria Horner – Anna Maria Horner is one my must-read daily blogs. She’s the reason I learned to sew and the inspiration behind many of my DIY projects. Her site just explodes with color and happiness. It’s best viewed in the morning with a cup of favorite tea and an idea notebook at hand!


3. Ambitions Design – Ambitious Designs Studio keeps me in contact with my favorite holiday year round! Her detailed Halloween sculptures are delightfully amazing. Every time I visit her blog or her Flickr stream I feel like Halloween, gorgeous foggy weather and my favorite Fall foods are just around the corner!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my inspirations! I love the photos that you chose. They made me excited to visit these favorite sites all over again! Yup, I’ve already been to all of them this morning. =)

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