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Today on the Indie Fixx Guest Blog, Vanessa and Alison, writers and editors over at The Storque (Etsy’s Blog), are sharing some Etsy pixx for Mommy’s Time Out for The Storque series on moms and kids.

Also, head on over to The Storque to read my version of Mommy’s Time Out and see what I chose.

by guest contributors Vanessa and Alison aka TeenAngster, writers and editors for The Storque

So, you’re a harried mother that gives your all to your family. Take a day-cation and treat yourself! Here’s everything you’ll need for a day that’s all about you.


Start the day with a cup of tea with this beautiful mug by baileydoesntbark.


This lavender tea by OldMoneybotanicals is sure to soothe your frazzled nerves!


Take time to reflect with this beautiful handmade journal by yellowcanoe.


While you’re at your desk, write out some “thinking of you” cards to friends. You can never be too busy for old comrades! Hello cards from One Punk Posy.


Treat yourself to a great foot scrubbing with this foot bar by Craftistry.


Pick one of the kids’ whimsical cupcake bath bombs for yourself! From HeyLadyCards.


On the practical side, this luxe leather bag by TheLeatherStore will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Functional and beautiful!


Cute and feminine knickers from TouchMeNot will always make you feel better — so self indulgent and fun.


These custom silver sandals from Zerkahloostrah will show off your fresh feet.


This breezy summer cocktail dress by rubypearl is just the thing for a warm summer night on the town.


While you’re at it, every lady needs a little something to accessorize with! While the kids are away, put on your valuables and rest easy that your hands will stay clean for the night. Amethyst Ring from MadeJewellery.


Come home for a good night’s sleep with this lavender eye pillow by TootieEstelle.


sproutsmaternity makes the perfect sleeping pants, especially if you’re expecting another little one!

The family will soon return, but you’ll be well rested and ready to take on a new day after your vacation from worries. Sweet dreams!

About the contributors: Vanessa and Alison aka TeenAngster are writers and editors for The Storque, Etsy’s blog extraordinaire. If you love fashion, crafting and vintage gems, there’s a lot more where this came from! Visit Etsy’s Storque blog today for more shopping goodies, and on the flip side, advice on running an ethical and crafty business.

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