Tutorial Tuesday: Button Flower Tuturial

from turtlemoss on flickr

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday  project was discovered via turtlemoss on flickr, but is actually from the Artsy-Crafty Babe (her Etsy Shop). It looks really simple & easy, but looks like a lotta fun.  Plus, you can make button flower pins for all of your friends for birthday and holiday gifts!

Button Flower Tutorial from Artsy-Crafty Babe

1. To make a button flower, you’ll need 5-6 smallish matching buttons, a larger button for the center, and if desired, a small button for the center of the big button. The key to making these is the glue.  The three pictured above are some that I’ve used with success.  What did NOT work was hot glue, craft glue, and E6000.  Make sure the glue you use is meant for beads, glass, & plastics.

2. Make a ring out of your matching smaller buttons. Make sure the flattest side is facing up, this makes a better surface for adhering. Place a small dab of glue on each button.

3. Place the center button on top – flat side against flat side.  **You can make the flowers with the ridge side up on the bottom layer, but it holds better with the flat side up – it’s your call.




  1. Thanks so much! What a great idea. I’ve used them on fabric quiet books for my girls. THEY love these very textured flowers (I super sewed them on)!

  2. this is so cute. thanks for the info on what kind of glue works, i think i’ve already tried the ones that don’t. lol love the colors you used too.

  3. WOW!!! Those are so cute! I have so many buttons just taking up space in my craft room. I can think of hundreds of uses for these! THANKS

  4. THANK YOU! I came across a HUGE stash of buttons and have been using them as decorations on my little girl purses. I have been sewing them on separately. I didn’t think of gluing them together first! DUH! I feel like an idiot now – but am so glad I saw this tutorial.

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