Mushrooooms, yea!

I’ve loved mushrooms ever since I was a little girl and someone gave me my cherished mushroom necklace back in the 80’s. I no longer have that necklace, but I still love mushrooms.

Here are some recent mushroom finds of mine. I hope you like them.


1. Mushroom Sachets from moontea on DaWanda
2. Mushroom Drawing from Champignons
3. Mushroom pouch from Oktak
4. Mushroom Magnet set at doe
5. Stuffed Mushroom from Bloodybunny on DaWanda
6. Mushroom Tea Towel from Patapri
7. Mushroom Pincushions from Cathy of California at Reform School
8. Fungi Sculpture from the Swigg Shop
9. Mushroom tee from Coma and Cotton
10. Milk and Honey Mushroom Soap from Love Lee Soaps
11. Mushroom Kisslock bag at Mod Cloth
12. Mint Mushroom Butterflies Throw Pillow from Cuore
13. Toadstool Skirt from Made With Love By Hannah
14. Snail of Fury print from Badbird
15. Fungi Poster from the Wolfie and the Sneak
16. Super cute pouch from Catang


  1. i have “snail of fury” by badbird and it is even cuter and more awesome in person.

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