Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet Covered Acorn Necklace



Make your own crochet covered acorn necklace with this week’s Tutorial Tuesday tute discovered on Resurrection Fern. I just love how simple, yet gloriously pretty, this is and the idea of picking up acorns from my yard and making a necklace out of them, really appeals to me. Although, I might add mine to some sterling silver chain instead, since I am a jewelry designer afterall.  I also may have to get into a fight with some squirrels for my own acorns…

Crochet Covered Acorn Necklace from Resurrection Fern:

Materials:  All you need is some crochet cotton, fine gauge works best, a small crochet hook, a yarn needle or tapestry needle and acorns of course. I used the real ones but I don’t see why the wooden ones wouldn’t work, they are just larger.

1. Start by making a chain of 5 stitches and join to make a very small circle. The opening of the circle is where the sharp tip of the acorn will poke through later so don’t pull too tight.

2. Make a single crochet in every stitch of the chain circle, five total to make the first row.


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