Guest Blog: Fashionably Indie by Victoria Everman – Miss Branches

by guest contributor Victoria Everman

Not a fan of big chain stores? Less than amused when you see someone on the shirt with the same top/skirt/purse as you? Then Miss Branches Custom Clothing is the brand for you! Started by Diane-Marie Brache Gelabert Rivera Santiago (say that 3 times fast) in her hometown of Miami, Florida, the company (and its founder) have now set up shop in Seattle, Washington. “I am always dreaming of new outfits. I’ll talk people on the street, clients and friends and ask what they like about their clothes and the way it fits,” Diane said in her recent Etsy Feature Seller interview.


Openly inspired by the shapely and playful style of the 1950’s, Miss Branches custom fits each one of her orders. “I happily make anything in sizes 0-22,” says Diane in her online store. Thanks to the rising temperatures, Diane’s custom swimsuits have been getting a lot of attention from both indie fashion fans and major media. Click over to Miss Branches Custom Clothing for a look at all of the current skirts, dresses, swim suits and other stylish items for sale. See a style you like, but have your own vision? Contact Diane directly with your idea and fabric choices – collaborative projects are another specialty of hers.


About the contributor: Victoria Everman is an eco-writer, model, crafter, yogi and attempting locavore. Perpetually looking for fresh ways to share her unquenchable green knowledge, she writes her own blog at She will be imparting her fashion wisdom with us every other Friday on the Indie Fixx Guest Blog with her column Fashionably Indie.