I’m Inspired By…

Finish this sentence, “I’m inspired by…”

To take the place of Reader Fixx Thursdays, I am starting a new feature asking you, the readers of Indie Fixx, what inspires you in life & art. So, what does inspire you?

Share 3 things that inspire you…they can be 3 indie designers whose work you admire, 3 artists who inspire you to create, 3 flickr groups you belong to that inspire you to take photos, 3 blogs that are every day ‘must reads’, and really whatever gets your creative juices flowing and makes your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

To participate in “I’m inspired by…”, just share 3 urls and a brief (1-2 sentence) blurb for each url explaining why you chose that particular thing as an inspiration.

Click here to share your 3 inspirations for “I’m inspires by…” I will be sharing your submissions on Thursdays, so stay tuned!