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Today on the Indie Fixx Guest Blog I have a real treat for you…Vanessa and Alison, writers and editors over at The Storque (Etsy’s Blog), are sharing some hot Etsy summer fashions for both guys and girls called Summer Loving: Fashions to Get Noticed Down at the Boardwalk!

Plus, as if that’s not enough for you to get all excited about, head on over to The Storque to read my version of Summer Loving: Fashions to Get Noticed Down at the Boardwalk and see my favorite Etsy summer fashion picks. We are calling these sister posts and more are in the works folks, so I hope you enjoy.

Once, you’ve checked out my post over at The Storque, be sure to come back here and leave a comment with your fave pick from my fave picks!

by guest contributors Vanessa and Alison aka TeenAngster, writers and editors for The Storque

Over here at Etsy’s Storque blog, we’ve been trolling for finds apropos of the summer boardwalk. While on our virtual stroll by the seaside, we found many a hot fish to fry, for both ladies and gents.

Just because it’s incredibly humid and smelly doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic.


1. GOPHER Men’s shorts by Carter Safari
Cool men’s shorts are hard to find. These bring a burst of color to any man’s wardrobe which, let’s face it, shouldn’t be so drab in the summer. “Great for golfing.”

2. Stormcloud brings wwf panda camo electric tanker by
Another colorful pick for dudes. When you wear this tank top, you can be sure to get noticed, even if you’re “panda camo.”


3. Extra fold top bag in khaki beige by
A roomy canvas bag works as a summertime city bag, as well as a beach bag for guys. (Or the ladies!)

4. Jaguar Sunglasses from
And here are the sunglasses. They’re vintage, so be careful not to scuff ’em up any more!


5. The Newfangled Zebra Eyeglass/Sunglass Case by
Nothing is worse than finding the most perfect pair of sunglasses and then getting them all scratched up. (Or worse, sitting on them. We hate that.) ReiGN makes a nice unisex case.

Tiny ’60s inspired swim trunks are H.O.T. Menfolk, if you got it, flaunt it.


7. Vintage 1960s Tortoise Retro Cat Eye Frames from
Ladies love the cat eyes. Green lenses are a great touch for the vintage look.

8. Owl Cycling Cap by
Pauladeer is a genius. Not only is this hat embroidered with a cute owl motif, it is also reversible!


9. Itsy Bitsy blue & white vintage terry towel bikini by
This terrycloth bikini is super cute! VintageVacations, who lives on the Isle of Wight, made this from old school fabric.


10. Reversible Bolero by
Reversible = magic. Imagine wearing this darling blue number while sipping a pina colada under a fake palm tree. Spice up that sundress!

11. Back-Up Train Engineer Cap by
Another very charming unisex cap to keep the sun from scorching your brains.


12. Blue and White Polka Dot Halter Sun Dress by
When it’s truly sticky, a loose sundress is just about the only thing worth putting on. This one is refashioned from a vintage dress. Very nice!

13. Jump Jumper by
Ladies, wearing such a very fresh and fun jumper might inspire you to have more fun at the seaside. Do the disco bumper cars!


14. Scrimshaw tie tack by
Guys, don’t you hate it when your tie keeps fluttering in the sea breeze? Keep that thang stable with this scrimshaw tie tack. Indulge your inner ship captain!


15. Custom Sandals by
Summertime isn’t always fun and games for the feet. Breaking in summer sandals is a painful business! Why not get sandals made exactly, perfectly for you?

About the contributors: Vanessa and Alison aka TeenAngster are writers and editors for The Storque, Etsy’s blog extraordinaire. If you love fashion, crafting and vintage gems, there’s a lot more where this came from! Visit Etsy’s Storque blog today for more shopping goodies, and on the flip side, advice on running an ethical and crafty business.

Don’t forget to check out my post over at The Storque for more of Summer Loving: Fashions to Get Noticed Down at the Boardwalk!


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