Tuesday Tutorial: Make a Matchbox Book


Someone just recently sent me some stuff in a cute little matchbox and it got me to thinking about what I could do with a matchbox, then I found this tutorial from Luckybeans on Whip Up and decided to share it for Tutorial Tuesday.

I like the idea of using them as ‘cards’ instead of traditional 2D cards. I’d like to make one as a love note for Mr. Indie Fixx. 😉

Matchbox Book Tutorial from LuckyBeans!


Materials List:

A matchbox (did I need to write that?)
Paper in a variety of colours/ patterns
Glue stick
Office labels make it easier to add a front label, and stickers are fun, but they’re not necessary.

To begin, measure the paper to cover the outside of your matchbox using the lid itself (roll the box over on all four sides in a row and then mark the end of the last side). See view 1. Now (view 2) cut the paper to size, and stick it on. I find it easiest to add the glue to the box two sides at a time, and then adjust the paper as I go. Matchbox makers don’t seem too fussed about having their products square, so jimmy room is good.