Guest Blog: Fashionably Indie by Victoria Everman – Meadow

by guest contributor Victoria Everman

Started last year by life-long vegetarian and Miami-native Meadow, this self-titled handmade clothing line focuses on sustainable, stylish and ethical. “I was taught from day one to respect the environment,” Meadow says, thanks to her father, who was in the natural foods business. The Meadow brand was started just last year, when the former stylist and juice bar owner was ready to enter the fashion game again. “Both of my grandmothers influence the person that I am today: one is outdoorsy and crafty, the other is so stylish, still always wearing designer clothes.”


Soon premiering her third, Fall 2008 collection, Meadow features a menagerie of eco-fabrics, including organic cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp and tencel. Each piece is made by a hand-selected group of artisans in a local Miami factory, ensuring high quality and fair wages. Called a marriage of style and love for the Earth, Meadow is based on vintage designs with subtle cuts and details that make women feel more confident with every step. Check out her store for her Spring 2008 collection and links to other stores.


About the contributor: Victoria Everman is an eco-writer, model, crafter, yogi and attempting locavore. Perpetually looking for fresh ways to share her unquenchable green knowledge, she writes her own blog at She will be imparting her fashion wisdom with us every other Friday on the Indie Fixx Guest Blog with her column Fashionably Indie.