Reader Fixx Pixx from Cathe

This week’s Reader Fixx Pixx are on a theme. Cathe from Feterie put together her love list to Paris, one of her favorite, if not her absolute favorite, cities in the world. I absoleut love this list! Thanks, Cathe.

This is one of the last ever Reader Fixx Pixx lists people. After struggling with getting consistent submissions from readers, I’ve decided to do away with the feature. Don’t worry though, I will come up with something fun to replace it!

Please feel free to share if you have any on what you’d like to see.


Paris Cafe Print: I love this photo of a Parisian cafe. I have spent many warm Spring afternoons just sitting in various sidewalk cafes – having a cafe creme, doodling in my sketchbook, people watching, chatting with my hubby, and more sketching.


A Bit of Paris: When we go to Paris, we stay in the same loft everytime that is located in one of the arrondissements instead of a hotel. It just makes it feel more like home and then you’re actually living among the locals, away from the touristy sights but well within traveling distance. This illustration reminds me of the view from my favorite loft’s two huge window. And since we always purchase a piece of artwork (as a souvenir) from a local gallery of each place that we travel to, I would probably purchase an original of an artwork such as this. This is just darling! I want it!


Carrie in Paris: I loved the episodes of Carrie in Paris from Sex & The City, though it wasn’t one of her happiest moments. But, I love that dress that she wore (the “Naked Dress”) and this necklace would just look fabulous with it. It has nothing to do with my memories of Paris, but I’d love to fantasize that I can wear that dress and this necklace at some fancy event…


Lulu Steampunk: Yes, yes, and yes… It’s vintage and moder, all wrapped up in one.


French Phrases Cards: I love these cards – if not to help me want to keep up my French, but to help inspire something wonderful…and I just love how it looks!


I LOVE PARIS magnets: Need I say more? I can use these magnets right now on my fridge door! I love the maps, they look like they came from the pages of my little red map book of Paris – an indispensable must-have that I always keep in my bag when strolling the streets of paris.


I Heart Paris Cufflinks: An absolutely fun pair of cufflinks. Originally, I was going to give you my hubby (a fellow Francophile), but I might just keep it for myself!


Tallulah Earrings Golden Stiletto: Oh, I would totally wear this with a cool outfit out and about Paris, maybe strolling through the many covered passageways.

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  • June 21, 2008 at 1:20 am

    I don’t have a specific suggestion for a replacement theme, but I would hope for something reader-interactive still! I always wanted to do a Fixx Pixx but I never knew where to start. Maybe you could toss out a topic or starting point that could launch ideas for submissions…? [Wow–vague and a day late. 🙂 Have a lovely evening.]

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