Tutorial Tuesday: Make pins from your old eyeglasses


Today for Tutorial Tuesday I’d like to share this tutorial for making pins from old eyeglasses from KB VanHorn of A Patchwork World and Kokoleo.

As someone who wears glasses & contacts, I have about 12 old pairs around my house…I will have to give this one a try! Join the Tutorial Tuesday flickr group and share your Tutorial Tuesday project.

Eyeglass Pin tutorial from A Patchwork World

1. First, I popped the lenses out of two pairs of my old and broken glasses. Then I searched around my studio for images that would fit inside them.

2. Then I cut out the fabric (make sure to leave room around the edges – you can trim it later).

3. Coat the lens in Mod Podge, lay the fabric down, and coat the back of the fabric to saturate it: