Studio Spaces: Terese Bast


For today’s Studio Spaces, I’d like to the work of artist Terese Bast with you. You will find Terese’s whimsical and charming prints in the Indie Fixx Shop. Hailing from Finland, Terese works on her illustrations, pins, postcards and her artwork, which includes mixed media work of drawings, paintings and textile materials.

Imagine printThe Bird's Nest print

The artist Terese Bast in her studio.

Learn more about Terese and her work from my interview with her.

1. What’s the name of your shop and what do you create?

I have been working with illustrations and product design in the last two years. I really enjoy working with clients and having a creative dialogue going on in the working process. In my own business, Terese Bast, you can find prints and postcards.

2. What’s your favorite thing about your studio or work space? Your least favorite?

My studio is at home – so I think that both the favoite and least favorite thing about the studio is the fact that I work at home. It is very practical, near to the kitchen and coffee machine and I also have a nice space. But on the other side, it can get quite disturbing when my kids are running around. But so far, there have not been any major disasters around here and I also think that my children find it educational to see what I am doing all day long.

3. What do you listen to or watch while you work?

I prefer the silence and just looking out of the window while working. But there are days when music is needed and my latest favourites are Jens Lekman and Maia Hirasawa, both from Sweden. I also love Nina Simone and Serge Gainsbourg.

4. What are some of your inspirations in your work?

Nature and life itself together with all the arts and artistis out there inspires me. Life and imagening life is wonderful!

5. Do you have a studio pet?

No studio pets around here….just on paper.

6. What’s your favorite snack?

My favourite snack would be hazel nuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts.. I love nuts! And they are beautiful as well.