Tutorial Tuesday: Make a Clothesline Inspiration Board from an Old Frame


For today’s Tutorial Tuesday project, I’d like to share this great tutorial from iHanna (Hanna also has an Etsy shop) on how to make a “clothes line” inspiration board using an an old frame. I thought this is very timely for all of you who are putting your inspiration boards together for the Spruce up your Place: Indie Home Decor Challenge. For some more inspiration for making your own inspiration board, visit the Inspiration Boards blog.

From iHanna, How to Make a Clothesline Inspiration Board.


1. I used a big vintage frame and re-painted the whole thing white. I love these big frames so much! I have a few with beautiful gold ornaments and those I won’t touch, but this one was rather ugly if you ask me, with several colors that was kind of worn out. So I used a white paint we had at home and painted all sides twice. What a change!

2. Then I took some kitchen string and stapled that to the backside with a staple gun. They run from one short end to the other, like a cloth line that you can hang your inspirations on. I like these lines with cloth pegs or paper clips, some hang them directly on the wall, but I wanted a frame for my inspiration to kind of give it a special place above my desk.

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