Reader Fixx Pixx from Catherine

This week’s Reader Fixx Pixx are just fabulous. They were sent in from Catherine of Solsida back in February, so it was cold where she lives. Catherine was dreaming of a warm weather vacation and put together this list of pixx. Thanks, Catherine! It’s a great list and I do hope it’s a little warmer where you are now and that you are planning your real vacation! 😉

il_430xn14097892.jpg See the sights and take pictures: Timothy Adam Design

lavendertn.jpg Eat lots of yummy fudge: Charssi

melissamoss_pom_med.jpg go to art galleries: What Designers (Pom print from Melissa Moss)

g350.jpg Buy something for a souvenir just because it’s pretty: Nappa

itm_headersite.png Lounge around on the beach and read a good book: Book Lust

toastedcoconutvanilla.jpg Wear sunscreen and smell like coconut (mmmmm): Winks & Company

6_3_06_mojito.jpg Drink mojitos (whooo!):Kaiser Penguin

br-ha-100-2.jpg in a very large glass!!!!! The Succulent