Guest Blog: Indie is the new Green by Jessica Gonacha – Reclaimed Glass Jewelry

by guest contributor Jessica Gonacha

The idea crossed my mind the other day that I would like to learn how to make stained glass jewelry. Now, being an eco-minded gal like I am, my next thought was, I wonder what kind of glass you can use to make this jewelry?


Which leads me to today’s post: a round-up of reclaimed and salvaged glass jewelry! I’ve chosen some of my favorites, and now I’m even more inspired to learn this more!

Below are the links to each artist. This is gorgeousness you can feel good about!

1. Bottled Up Designs

2. Rebecca Ward Jewelry

3. Bottled Up Designs


4. Rebecca Ward Jewelry

5. Sea Glass Designs


6. Smart Glass Jewelry

7. Amy Pfaffman Jewelry

8. Kathleen Plate at Uncommon Goods


9. Happy Owl Glassworks

10. SeaFindDesigns

GREEN CHALLENGE: make something out of a recycled glass bottle. A candlestick holder? A planter for a teeny plant? A necklace? What else can you think of? Post the fruits of your creative and eco-friendly endeavors in the Indie is the New Green flickr group!

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