Support indie design with your economic stimulus check!

For those of you who live in the US, I’m sure that you’ve heard that the economic stimulus checks have started to go out this week. I’m also sure that plenty of you are going to do exactly what the government doesn’t want you to do, put it in savings or pay off debt. I know I plan on doing that with most of mine, but before I deposit mine in my savings account, I plan on treating myself and supporting some independent design as well. According to the U.S. Government, that certainly would be the most patriotic thing to do (written with a certain amount of tongue in cheek sentiment).

So, I plan on doing my civic duty and here’s some of the goods I have my eye on. What are you planning on doing with your check? Whether we agree with the strategy or not, the checks are on their way, so are you planning on supporting indie design?

conten3.jpg I’ve had my eye on the carved resin necklaces from Hotcakes for some time now, ever since I first saw them in person at my local indie brick & mortar shop, Bloom. I’m attracted to their bold statement and graphical pendants.
porter_rooftops.jpg I really, really , really love the screenprinted bags from Jenna Rose. The Rooftops Porter Bag in natural cotton canvas is the one I’ve been coveting.
hamburg6_largea.jpg I featured the handmade journals by Five and a Half earlier this year and ever since I’ve wanted one. I always carry a journal around with me to record thoughts, to help me stay organized and to sketch new designs.
12.jpg I’ve been a long time fan of the Bella Lucce line of skin care products and the Wildberry goodies are among my favorites.
h3ch.jpg I have a pair of the Mohop bent ply sandals and now I’d like to get their newest addition, the Wedge Sandal.
il_430xn24641397.jpg The Split Pod from Whitney Smith Pottery would look so lovely on my desk and now that’s spring, I could use it to bring a little bit of color in from the flowerbed.
il_430xn23540936.jpg The only problem with getting one of the recycled skateboard necklaces from 2ReVert is, which one to pick?
il_430xn25073162.jpg These cross-stitch pieces from Chez Sucre Chez would look fabulous in my new office.
mimosa3.jpg The Mimosa Earrings from Prismera Design are just absolutely stunning. I really feel that I need to own them!
il_430xn22098130.jpg Andre is so sweetly melancholy and cute! From Morninglori’s cast of adorable little characters.
il_430xn25608362.jpg The porcelain cup and saucers from Bailey Doesn’t Bark are so lovely in all their quirky simplicity.
il_430xn25412040.jpg I’m also thinking of adding one of the Chair series of prints from Desire to Inspire to my office.


  1. Oh my… the necklace from Hotcakes might be about one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. I will definetly be asking hubby for one of those for the upcoming birthday!

  2. i have too much debt and not enough savings to spend my meager $300 gov’t check on anything new, but i completely second your hotakes design choice! a fantastic company with a fantastic artist – i have a bracelet from them i bought 2 years ago now and i love it!

  3. In theory I am getting new carpet in my bedroom with my check. However today I did spend a little of that check on Etsy. I blogged a list of 36 pieces of art I couldn’t live without and at closing today that list is at 34.

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