Tutorial Tuesday: Recycled Magazine Bowl


Today for Tutorial Tuesday I thought I’d share a recycled material tutorial with you today in honor of Earth Day.

From artist Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut, this tutorial utilizes those magazines that seem to breed like rabbits around my house. I try to get what magazines I can from the Library, but unfortunately my library system does not carry Bust, Venus, Craft:, Adorn (well, I won’t be getting any new issues since they folded) and the others that I like to read, so I do end up with a fair amount of mags that need to be recycled. With all the potential bowl fodder I have in my recycling basket, I can’t wait to try this easy peesy sounding tutorial since I do have a couple places in the house I could use a lightweight colorful bowl to collect stuff in. All you magazine addicts out there should try it too.

The materials sure are simple enough:

– a magazine
– glue gun

Read more here…

You can read Patricia’s blog for more wonderful paper tutorials as well as check out her flickr page.

Also, be sure to join the Tutorial Tuesday flickr group and share your own magazine bowl results or any pics from your completed Tutorial Tuesday projects.


  1. This is so cool, and I definitely have enough magazines to probably replace every bowl in my cupboards! Thanks for sharing!


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