Newest Indie Fixx kitty!


We got a new kitty today! Yay! Now we are a three kitty family and I am firmly on my way to being a full-fledged cat lady. Our new kitty is a sweet, shy and frisky kitty found by a no-kill shelter behind a dumpster about 4 weeks ago. She is about 10-11 months old, but is so small that she looks more like a 6-month old kitten. We just brought her home today and she is still sniffing out the house, but mostly she is hiding in whatever corner she can find.

She has already been spayed and has all her shots, so now we just need to come up with a name for her. The shelter named her Love Bunny, but we aren’t really liking that name—it’s too cutesy and cliche. We prefer names that aren’t necessarily the most obvious cat names, but we are really having trouble coming up with a good name. I came up with Kali and Callisto, but we aren’t really sure about those names at all. So, I need your help! Please leave a comment with your suggestions. If we decide to pick your name, I will come up with a little thank-you package of fun indie goodies including some Sampler stuff, Sublime Stitching embroidery kits, misc notecards, an Indie Fixx button and other stuff.

I will also have better pictures for you, once she is more adjusted and not so skittish.


  1. I love the names you picked! I’m obsessed with god/goddess names. My cats are Anubis (Egyptian god of the Underworld) and Zuul (the goddess from Ghostbusters).

    To Maria – my husband is extremely allergic to cats, and we bought sphynx breed cats. They don’t bother him unless he is freshly shaved and they rub on his face. I would suggest visiting a breeder to see if it works for you. They are expensive, but worth every penny for the amount of love you get back.

  2. We decided to go with the name La NiΓ±a for our new little kitty. In addition to being a weather phenomenon, La NiΓ±a means the little girl in Spanish. It’s a pretty sounding name and seems to describe our kitty pretty well: she’s such a itty bitty little thing, but has such a capacity to cause a whole lot of trouble.

    Thanks for all your suggestions and sharing your stories about your kitties. I really enjoyed reading all the comments that you left. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi, I love kitties, I have three, Noodle, Limpy and Celie. I would let you borrow the name Celie if you’d like. If you don’t know, it is one of the characters in The Color Purple, one of my favorite movies and is pronounced See-lee.
    My beautiful Celie was a rescue and is also tiny for her age. =-)

  4. My daughter’s first words were “hi kitty”, but now for some reason all cats are chee or chee chee.

    So I vote Chee Chee, or Chi Chi.

  5. Penny Lope (this is the way a friend of mine once pronounced penelope while we were calling people for a survey and it is kinda fun to say)

    Akasha (aka the fifth element)

    Sapience (patience and wisdom)


  6. My hubbie and I always joked that if we ever got another cat we’d call it Jordan Catalano, after the character in My So Called Life. πŸ™‚

  7. I have 2 black cats!
    One is named Salem and the other is named Johnny Cash (he’s the “Man in Black”)

    I didn’t think I would, but I like having a cat with a first and last name–it seems dignified.

  8. Ok…what about:


    Or you could run the Italian words for evening star (since she’s so dark) together to make one word:


  9. I had a dream to adopt a kitty about 3 years, but my husband is allergic… This March he bought me a 60 sm tall wooden cat (her colour is dark chocolate). She is so beautiful, she looks like temple cats in Egypt (I am sure it’s a girl :-D), I named her Fifi {fi’fi} like Fifi Abdou, the great Egyptian belly dancer.

  10. Hello, we also have a new baby – but she is a puppy English Bulldog called Jasmine.
    My suggestions are:
    have fun!

  11. What about “Junebug”? I liked that someone noticed that a J name would fit in nicely with your other kitties. And if she’s about 10-11 months old, perhaps her birthday is in June? Plus, I think Junebug is such a cute name.
    Best of luck choosing the name!

  12. I just got back from my second cousin’s first birthday party – her name is Fiona. Her mom’s name is Kayleigh. Random thoughts I know, but both work for your kitty, esp. Fiona.

  13. i tried to comment earlier, but i guess it didnt work—-

    my favorite kittie names:


    good luck on name choosing! so many great ones to choose from!

  14. Happy new kitty to you!

    How about:
    -Bast for the Egyptian cat goddess.
    -Eden (I just like it)
    -Karma (as in good karma for helping out this little angel)

    Good luck!

  15. Call your kitty ‘lilycobweb’. This is my etsy and dawanda shop name. It was the name of my friend Michelle’s lovely cat (now departed). Her other one were called ‘nimbusgrey’ and ‘amberjoan’. Love those cats! Congratulations on your new family member and greetings from Northern Ireland πŸ™‚

  16. Such a little cutie you have there,congrats. on your sweetheart! I had 2 special little kitties that were named Tinklepuff and Pusscakes. Our little darling now is called Koa.

  17. Aw, so cute!

    The naming of cats is a serious matter…

    I planned to start calling cats after Russian authors and characters: calling “Dostovesky!” into the dark to get them in at night would have been fun. But the new fella I got a few years back came with the name SΓ©bastian, after the Saint’s day on which he was found, and I kept it. If she was found six weeks ago then she’s Frances (according to this).

    To go with Isabella and Kauwani…hmmm…

    Rossetti (after Christiana, author of ‘Goblin Market’)
    Emily (after ‘Emily the Strange’ because she’s all black)
    Caravaggio (because she likes shadows)
    Miss Jones (as in “have you met Miss Jones?”, because she goes hiding)

    Hope those help!

  18. Here are some taken from mine and friends kitties:
    Catastrophe (astro for short)
    Hope that helps…there are more, but figured your getting lots of suggestions.

  19. what a sweet kitty!!!

    Piccola (tiny in italian!)

    i just had to throw that last one in there! haha… oh golly.

  20. Ash, Rilo, Azure, Fiona, Tuna, Ellery, Lisette, Nadia, Anise, Finley (kind of boyish tough), Ren….
    Those are my suggestions. Good luck!

    (My cat’s names are Lacuna (calico) & Bijou (blue/grey)

  21. Congratulations! A new kitty is a wonderful thing. Tabitha or Gracie come to mind when looking at her picture. She’s beautiful.

  22. So cute! I like the name Malia (mah-lee-a)

    Our choc lab is Lyza.

    We are thinking of getting a new chocolate lab puppy and may call her Kaytie.

  23. Hmmm… I have a cat named Flaquita because she’s so darn skinny, but I call her almost everything but Flaquita. I have a friend who named one cat Zipper and one cat Snaps. Tiny or Sweets or Martha or Emily comes to mind but then again, I just had a margarita or two so I can’t be trusted.

  24. I always thought it would be great to have a cat named Eliot…My current cat is named Marley, but if he were a girl kitty his name would be Eliot, for sure.

  25. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I love what you put out and when it comes to kitty naming, i can’t resist.

    I like “Minush” Actually, I am stealing it from my friend’s cat. It’s a french name, I think it translates as something likes, small and cute. Also, the description on your cat sounds a lot like my friends cat (beyond that it’s a he and white with ginger patches) We used to call him “spaz kitty” because he had this habit of freaking out with company and jumping off walls. (Actually, we were giggly girls having sleepovers so I don’t blame him a bit!) Minush is a cute name anyway, better than “Love Bunny” which is a little gagful,

    My boyfriend also suggested “Alexander Semin” but you have to be a Caps (NHL hockey) fan to get it…

    I’d also like Shantih, (Shanti) or Ashe (or snuggly poopy bunny pants)

  26. You know the funniest story. I have 2 kitty sisters that looks exactly like this. When they were born we couldnt tell them appart, except one is wilder than the other. So we put one on a necklace and not the other one, and they ended up beeing called what in english would be Necklace and No-Necklace… people still laughs poor littje things… they love their names anyway xD
    i like names like emily for instance, but I dunno πŸ˜€

  27. We just got a little black kitty too! It was for my 4 y/os b-day last sunday. She has been named…..PinkyPie!!! (Our other cat is called Miss Snail, this is want you get when you let 4 y/o’s name cats!!!) Check her out on my blog! Too Cute!

  28. Names with I and EE sounds are apparently more recognizable, so let’s see..



  29. How about
    Trinity, as she is your third?
    Hekate, who is Queen of the night.
    Precious, what she already is
    Onyx, which is black magic
    Opal, I just like that name πŸ™‚
    or any other gem stone..
    Good luck in finding her name. She is a Cutie!
    Marion, who’s cats names are Ayla and Bella Donna.

  30. My suggestion is Calliope (pronounced kuh-LIE-oh-pee) – it is Greek for “beautiful voiced” and it is the name of one of the nine muses – the muse of epic poetry. πŸ˜€

  31. Your new cat is so cute! I have a cat whose name is Cinnamon because he is brown and white, lol. Here are some names I came up with for you:
    1. shadow- because she hides in corners 2. sinister- she is sly and mysterious
    3. goldie- her eyes
    4. amber- also her eyes are so pretty
    5. midnight- because she is dark colored
    6.shadey, shaydee, shaydi- any of them because of her color reminds me of the cool, dark shade

    Hope you like my suggestions! Good luck!

  32. Aww, congratulations on the new addition!

    Here are some names I was mulling over if I ever got another cat, much in the same way I think about naming my future children, hehe:

    *Dulci, “Duhl-see”
    *Minou, “mee-noo” (kitty more or less in French)
    *Benita, and you could shorten it to “Ben”, though that could cause gender confusion and feelings of low self esteem in her. πŸ˜› My host mother in Spain named her cat this

    Lots of people name their pets after their favorite celebrities, but I named my cat after my favorite author, Haruki Murakami. We called him Haru, or just “Roo” sometimes. Maybe you could go along those same lines with a favorite designer? πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the name search. You’ll know it when you find it.

  33. what are your other kitties’ names? having that info might help with coming up with suggestions!

    thanks – and what a cutie!

  34. How about Nyx, for the greek goddess of the night. Or Indie, for your obvious love of indie products.

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