No deer were harmed in the making of these papered resin deer heads!


In the Handmade Wilderness series, artist Jennifer Khoshbin is creating a number of wall-mount deer “trophies”, which are made from paper mâché and decoupage on resin cast heads. Jennifer is attempting to reimagine the celebration of the deer as an emblem of nature, so instead of celebrating it’s death the deer can actually be revered in life. Visit Jen’s Etsy Shop called Ruby’s Lounge to purchase one of your own from the Deerhead Project.

If I had a mantle, I would definitely be getting one! Which one do you like?



  1. I love these trophies. I have vivid memories of a real deer head on the wall of my grandparent’s living room. I was four and terrified of the thing. My parents thought that maybe if they gave it a name (Sam) and put it on the floor so I could see it up close and know it would not hurt me, I would not be afraid of it. Worked very well. I spent hours talking to it, according to my mom. She was so creeped out by my talking to the dead animal head that she convince my grandparents to give it away. I may just have to get one of these lovely heads for my mom for Giftmas.

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