Tutorial Tuesday: Owl Army from Moonstitches


OMG, this is the cutest Tutorial Tuesday ever…or should I call it Tutowlrial Tuesday? Whatever we call it, I’m sure you’ll agree that this owl tutorial from MOONSTITCHES is just so adorable and that you’ll want to snap it up and hug it and squeeze it and make a million of little owls. I know I do….I want to make my own adorable stuffed owl army!

Alex from MOONSTICHES put together this really well done tutorial, which was inspired from a pattern she found in a book (info on the front page of the tutorial). Since Alex does not share the pattern from the book, you can buy the book (although it’s in Japanese) or come up with your own pattern and use Alex’s tutorial as an inspiration for your own owl. For more inspiration, visit the Owly Love Flickr Pool.

Also, be sure to join the Tutorial Tuesday flickr group and share your owls or any pics from your completed Tutorial Tuesday projects.

Click here to learn how to learn how to make your own cute fabric owl.



  1. I love these owls! The only problem is i can’t find the tutorial for them. The only box that opens up is the pattern but no instructions???? HELP!!!

  2. ooh! What about stuffing them with lavender or potpourri and stashing them in drawers around the house?

  3. Can’t wait to try this out… I’m a newbie at this. Need a new pincushion so this would make a great one.

  4. My Mum said Owls are her favorite birds/animal so i got the material and made her a batch of cute owls for Mother’s Day.She’ll Love them.

  5. Cutttteeee!

    I’m linking you on my new product based blog, I’ve been here a few times and really like your posts!

  6. these are seriously adorable. you could even elongate them a bit and call them penguins. however, the owls rock.

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