TGIF: Thank God for Illustration Friday – I Will Find…

Finish this sentence: I will find…

Leave a comment below with your response and I will pick one winner Sunday, April 6th to win a selection of goodies from past Samplers I’ve received including embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching, a recycled vintage book notebook from Attic Journals, fill-in-the-blank calling cards for owner and pooch from Busy Nest Cards, a houndstooth wallet/mini-clutch from Ember Bags, assorted notecards and more.

Here’s my response.

I will find….a Wii, if it kills me.

I will find print from Laura George for TGIF: Thank God for Illustration Friday.



  1. Congrats to Jessica for winning the Sampler goods. Jessica wants to find someone to play her Wii with.

  2. I will find…a way to live a normal life again.

    (i really liked this topic.) after my accident last year, i’ve been nothing but a head case and i’m tired of being dependent on taking something to get through the day. i’m determined to find a new way.

  3. I will find… a cheap photocopy place to make copies of my old zines. It’s about time I got that sheer genius back on the streets again! haha

  4. I will find a way for me and my love to be able to be together again. Long distance relationships suck.

  5. (I’m terribly amused to be posting directly after another Danielle.)

    I will find it, but I won’t know what it is until it’s too late.

  6. I will find… a job… that pays real money! Until then , I will find… my T-5 form and live off my tax rebate!

  7. I will find the willpower to not finish the bag of M&Ms sitting next to me. Nope. Too late.

  8. I will find…

    a way to get back home.
    because we are here alone, and it’s important that my newborn daughter grows up with her cousins being her BFF’s.

  9. I will find… A way to love myself as I am and embrace my imperfections! To stop obsessing over every food and its calorie content! To live and be ME!

  10. I will find a way to pay for disseration research next term and still be able to be with my girlfriend!

  11. I will find the time to do my taxes, sew/knit/make/bake wonderful things, and work on my graduate degree. Something tells me it won’t all get done.

  12. I will find…buried treasure full of vintage stuff when i get stranded on a desert island.

  13. I will find the instructions on how to change the time on my watch (or not, as daylight savings will end again in seven months anyway)

  14. amelia earhart! because i’ve been wondering what in the world happened to her lately.

  15. I will find a way to cook the perfect perogie like I did that one time but forgot to write it down, grrrrr.

  16. I will find funky frames for all the photo prints I ordered from Flickr, the time to learn how to sew a skirt, and vegan brownies.

  17. I will find the strength to become healthy and whole! I’ve had enough of hoping someone else will come along to rescue me from all my bad habits.

  18. Go for it, Julie!

    Just think about all the good times you’ll have in your new home, Ellen. And don’t sweat the yucky stuff about buying a home. It’s all worth it in the end!

  19. I will find…the time an courage to start my own Company! Down with working for the MAN!

    Julie B)

  20. I will find all the paperwork needed to complete my mortgage application, and I will not have a panic attack in the process.

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