Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Made with Love by Hannah!

Sometimes I just love this job and today is just one of those times. I am so pleased to be able to share my interview with Hannah Kopacz of Made with Love by Hannah. Made with Love by Hannah is a deliciously kitschy sweet and sassy line of screenprinted skirts, dresses and tops. Drawing inspiration from gnomes, Matryoshka, Pennsylvania Dutch motifs and all sorts of gewgaws, doodads and bric-a-brac, Hannah lovingly designs, prints and sews her creations.

Refreshingly sweet and with a wonderful retro feel, I have long been a fan of Hannah’s goodies, so it was such a treat to me to be able to interview her. I do hope you enjoy the interview and if Made with Love by Hannah is new to you, head on over to the site and be prepared to be wowed!


1. What’s the name of your business and what do create and sell?

Made with love by Hannah. I make screen printed skirts and other fun clothes for gals. I also like to make knick-knack art.

2. When did you get started with your business and why did you decide to open your own indie biz?

2004, I wanted some cute clothes for myself! Making the screens and printing things seemed like a lot of work just for me, so I thought I’d put them out there and see if any other ladies wanted some.


3. What’s the creative process like for you?

Usually when I come up with an idea I’ll sketch it out right away, so I don’t forget. Then I let it simmer until I get a chance to make the actual artwork for it, figure out what style garment I want to put it on, how many colors, how many colorways, what material I want to use. Once I figure that stuff out it’s pretty smooth sailing in terms of making it into a finished piece of clothing.

4. Do you have any pearls of wisdom to share with newbie indie biznesses?

Only make stuff you love, because it shows!

5. Tell us one funny/goofy/silly thing about yourself.

I can’t wait until my hair is completely grey!


6. What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst?

The best thing is having an idea and making it and seeing the finished product turn out exactly like I want it to. The worst thing is trying to get started if I don’t feel like it but have a ton of work to do. I’m really good at procrastinating.

7. What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at?

I like the craftzine blog. I read Bust and Bitch regularly. Mostly, I like to shop at thrift stores. I like Etsy too, speaking of procrastinating!


8. Were you an artsy craftsy kid? If so, what kinds of things did you do?

I used to draw a lot, and make little purses out of scraps. There was a fabric store at the bottom of the building we lived in and they would throw out a lot of sample books. I would dig them out of the trash and save the swatches I liked.

9. What can’t you live without?

Furry critters to pet!


10. What does indie mean to you? You can give a literal definition, choose to be a little esoteric or a combination of both. 😉

Having your own vision and following it.

11. What are you reading, watching and listening to?

I like to read diaries; right now I’m working my way through the covered wagon women series-diaries and letters from the western trails.

Watching Little House on the Prairie. Is there a theme happening here?

Listening to Billy Childish.


12. What are your inspirations?

Knick-knacks, lawn ornaments, old tea towels and tablecloths, folk handicrafts, to name a few. There are so many things I like to look at for inspiration.

13. What’s new for 2008? Any new plans or products that you want to share?

More fun stuff to wear!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Made with Love by Hannah!

  • April 21, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    I own 4 of her skirts and would love to have more – Hannah is awesome!

    Thanks for posting this interview.

  • April 6, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    I’m a HUGE fan, and have worn my Made with love by Hannah matryoshka skirt to death! Hannah is an amazing creative girl!

  • April 2, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    i am drooling. i love this shop!

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