Tutorial Tuesday: Linoleum Printing!


I’ve been wanting to try some lino-printing for a while and now that I’ve discovered these great lino-print tutorials, one from from Red Instead and another at Sunberst Illustration, so there’s no longer any excuse for me not to get started…except maybe not having enough time. Well phooey on having no time, I’m going to make some time to take a crack at this one. How about you? You’ve got all you need to get started below.

Jen from Red Instead put together a tutorial to show the actual printing process of lino-printing. I just love her owl design! Read more about it here.


Beth from Sunberst Illustration’s tutorial includes the process of how to prepare the lino. Read more here.


Enjoy and do remember to join the Tutorial Tuesday flickr group and share your completed Tutorial Tuesday projects. I’d really love to see your results from this one!

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