Guest Blog: Indie is the new Green by Jessica Gonacha – a day in the life

Oh, how I love that the two parts of my life I’m most passionate about (living a creative, hand-made life and supporting others who do the same, and taking care of our earth) are married more and more every day, and that living an eco-friendly life has stylish and unique options. The range of products that are both good for the earth and good for small, independent businesses seem to increase by the minute and I say, Hurray!

I often bookmark sites and products that I would like to have in my life or as part of my home, and today I thought it would be fun to fantasize about ‘A DAY IN MY ECO-INDIE DREAM LIFE’ by pulling them all together to create a list of products for each part of my day. From waking up, showering and getting dressed to jotting down inspirations and going out at night, there’s something on my list for all of it!

I hope it inspires you to think about what your own eco-indie dream life looks like!


6:30 am: Wake up in an organic bed, under a Cove cream & cocoa organic duvet cover from Amenity. #1 & 2

6:45 am: Brush teeth with Recycline Toothbrush, made from Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups. #3

7 am: Eat breakfast and drink coffee—Gimme! Coffee Las Mingas Relationship Coffee, sustainable, fair-trade and delicious. Fiona’s Granola, made in my hometown of Boulder. Catch up on blog reading. #4 & 5


7:30 am: Shower using shampoo by Luscious Naturals. #6

7:45 am: Put on makeup by Mixology. #7

8:00 am: Get dressed. Top from Urban Renewal, undergarments from Louella Bloom, skirt by orangyporangy, cute sandals from Mohop. Now for the accessories—a cork ring by ottoman and a necklace from Atlanta-based Smart Glass Jewelry. #8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13


9:00 am: Time for errands! Grab the purse—it’s a hand bag from escama, a company that combines fair-trade practices with sustainable design, by working directly with two Brazilian crafting cooperatives, to create gorgeous pieces using recycled aluminum pulltabs. Can’t forget my wallet! It’s from bird vs. bird. #14 & 15


11 am: Work, work, work & create, create, create! Make sure my eco-friendly notebook from ecojot out of Ontario. #16

5 pm: Get some groceries for din-din with a tote bag from greenward, no paper or plastic for me! #17

8 pm: Going out! Change up the accessories a bit: a ring from julep115 and a necklace from 2ReVert. #18 & 19

11 pm: Back into my Amenity bed to dream, dream, dream!

GREEN CHALLENGE: find an old t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore and turn it into a grocery shopping bag. And use it this week!

Share your project on the Indie is the New Green Flickr Group. Since there was no winner for last week’s challenge, one person will be chosen this week to win a reusable coffee cup sleeve made by Textile Fetish and available for sale in the Indie Fixx Shop!

About Jessica:
Jessica is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia who is endlessly creating. Her work includes paintings, drawings, illustrations, and paper goods and is vibrant, colorful, and charming. Her work can be found on her site, in her Etsy shop and in the Indie Fixx Shop. You can also read more about Jessica and her work on her blog.


  1. I love reading your blog… and to my disbelief and utter flattery, during my time on my “daily reads” folder, there I was on Indie Fixx… =) Thank you much!

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